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Our Legacy Catalogue

(For archival purposes only -- most items are no longer available, unless marked with a Buy CD or Buy Cass. button)

A Produce Inscape & Landscape Trance Port CD In special cardboard sleeve
A Produce Land Of A Thousand Trances Trance Port CD Trance/drone/ambient with textures
A Produce Reflect Like A Mirror, Respond Like An Echo Trance Port CD Very rare, 1992 1st edition
A Produce White Sands Trance Port CD In special packaging with detailed booklet
A Produce/Mike Griffin Altara Hypnos CD Dark ambient
A. Thompson/E. March Earthen Sky Northumberland CD Folk Music from Northumberland County, Canada
Abhijit Pohanker Piya Bavari Times Music CD Classical ragas fused with contemporary keyboards
Absent Sound It's All True No List Records CD Rare trance/ambient from Northern Manitoba Can.
Adam Plack/J.Soames Winds Of Warning AMI CD A collection of songs giving thanks to Mother Nature
Adelaide Symophony DREAM ANGELS Rising Star CD  
Adham Shaikh Journey To The Sun Instinct CD Indian ambiences w/ Indian musical flavours
Adjetey Sacred Massage Alcione CD Music for relaxation & massage
ADRIAN WAGNER Merak Music Suite CD Inter-galactic travel music
Aeoliah Angel Love Antiquity CD Expansive and lush synths music
Aeoliah Inner Sanctum Antiquity CD  
Aeoliah Light Of The Tao Antiquity CD  
Aeoliah Majesty Antiquity CD  
Agni Himalayan Nights 2 Clarity Sound & Light CD Soothing sitar music
Aionios Mystical Experience, A Aionios CD Christian New Age Music with lyrics
Aki Domo/H.V. Heldenleben Vista Invincible Recordings Cassette Japanese & German electronic masters collaborate
Al Gromer Khan Kamasutra Aquarius CD Indian love-making book in tones
Al Petteway MIDSUMMER MOON Maggie's Music CD  
Al Petteway WATERS AND THE WILD, THE Maggie's Music CD  
Al Petteway WHISPERING STONES Maggie's Music CD  
Alan Dargin BLOODWOOD Small World CD  
Alan Dargin/ G. Thomas Didgeriduo Aquarius CD Two didgeridoo masters go at it - jammin'
Alan Miceli The Spaces Between Alan Miceli CD Canadian originals for steel & classical guitar
Aldo Nova Nova's Dream Chacra CD guitar & visually moving orchestrations
Aldo Nova Nova's Dream Lynx Records CD Explorations w/ guitar & other instruments
Alex de Grassi Water Garden, The Tropo Records CD Solo guitar pieces on the theme of water
Alex Jones Angels Of Colour & Sound Eastern Gate CD  
Alex Jones Awake & Dreaming Eastern Gate CD  
Alex Jones Inside The Hollow Eastern Gate CD  
Alex Jones Lokas Eastern Gate CD  
Alex Jones Peace Offering Eastern Gate Cassette  
Alex Jones Forever Eastern Gate CD Peaceful, uplifting music w/guitar, piano, synth
Alex Jones Kali's Dream Eastern Gate CD Peaceful Piano Melodies
Alex Jones Kali's Dream - 1st Edition Eastern Gate CD Peaceful Piano Melodies
Alex Jones Kali's Dream- 1st Edition cassette Eastern Gate Cassette Peaceful Piano Melodies
Alexander NEW VISIONS IN SEDONA Futurewave CD  
ALI KOUSHKANI WITHIN THE GALAXIES CMA Prod. CD Persian santur with eclectic instrumentation
Alio Dea & Amelia Cuni Apsaras Projekt CD  
Alio Die Password-Ethnogenic.. Hic Sunt Leones CD Drones of intense meditative music
ALLYN HARRIS & MENDIETTA POOLS OF LIGHT Crystal Creek CD relaxing selection of original compositions
Amazonia V. 2 The Forests of Guianas Obscura CD Wildlife/nature sounds from the rainforest
Amethystium Aphelion Nerodisc CD Fusing ambient world music grooves w/ chants
Amethystium Odonata Nueronium CD  
Amin Batia Interstellar Suite Capitol/Cinema CD Rare symphonic-like syth album from the mid-80s
AMIR BAGHIRI AUTUMN Arya CD Rare, Italian import
Amit Chattergee SONGS OF KABIR Interworld CD  
Anca Parghel INDIAN PRINCESS Miramar CD  
ANCIENT CULTURES ACOUSTIC MIRAGE Invincible/GRD Cassette Original and traditional South American music
Ancient Cultures EL CAMINO REAL GRD CD  
Ancient Future Quiet Fire Narada Equinox CD  
Anderson and Meis CELTIC SPIRIT  Oasis Productions Celtic Spirit 2 Celtic harps play English favorites 
Anderson and Meis Celtic Spirit  Oasis Productions buy cassette 2 Celtic harps play English favorites
Andre Thibault Samar Horizon West CD Uptempo world ensemble with flamenco guitars
Andreas Vollenweider Caverna Magica Columbia CD Modified harp with drums/vocals -lite jazzy
Andrew Vasquez Wind River Makoche CD Native flutes & Ensemble with Rita Coolidge
Andrew Vasquez VASQUEZ Makoche CD  
Andrew White Conversations Sona Gaia CD  
Andy Laurie Water Laurie CD Solo Piano of original & pop/rock standards
Angel Earth I Dream... Angel Earth CD Music & Art for the ascension of the Earth
Angel Earth Waves II Angel Earth CD Healing synth music
Angelo Badalamenti Twins Peaks Soundtrack Warner Brothers CD Great ambient guitar textures.
Angelo Badalamenti Soundtrack From Twin Peaks Warner Bros. CD Ethereal mood music from the David Lynch hit TV show
Anisa Angarola IRISH AIRS & DANCES Dargason CD  
Anthony Cubbon The Last Unicorn 21st Century Music Cassette Mysterious, dreamy and evocative (1996)
Anton Hughes Whales Of The Pacific Laserlight CD Whale sounds, ocean & music
Anton Plyaskin Melody Of Baikal, The Amagio CD Relaxtion music inspired by the great Russian Lake Baikal
Antonia Cobo Arena Caliente (Used) Alcione CD Flamenco guitar with world rhythms
Anugama Environment 2 - River/Bells Higher Octave CD Soothing murmur of a brook w/ Tibetan bells
Ao Rangi Light Of The Universe Sun Energy Light of the Universe Rare! Instrumental music from New Zealand label. (1986)
ARBRE NOIR BEYOND Polymorph CD Ambient rhythmic world music with didgeridoo
ARBRE NOIR MADURAI Polymorph CD Traditional Indian instruments, guitar, bass & didgeridoo
ARBRE NOIR ROAM Arbre Noir CD Soundscapes between floating spheric rhythms, didj & modern drum sequences
ARBRE NOIR/POLYMORPH TRAVELLER Polymorph CD Complex electronic music & organic ethno-sounds
Aroma Aroma Noco CD Acoustic & Electronic Instruments
Aroma The Sad Story Noco CD Acoustic & Electronic Instruments
Aroma The Way To Utopia Noco Records CD New Age with fusion touches by a U.K. duo
Art Ensemble Of Chicago Third Decade, The ECM CD Freer Jazz with heavy world influences
Artemiy Artemiev Point Of Intersection Electroshock CD Electronic music from Russia
Artemiy Artemiev Cold Electroshock CD Russian music inspired by arctic climates
Artemiy Artemiev EQUILIBRIUM Electroshock Records CD Ambient/Electronic music from Russia & the U.K.
ARYEH FRANKFURTER O' CAROLAN'S DREAM Lionharp CD Melodies associated with Irish Harper, Turlough O' Carolan
Aryeh Frankfurter Lest The Harp Strings Unravel Lionharp CD Celtic melodies on neo-Celtic harp + fiddle, guitar. cello. recorder
Asha (Denis Quinn) A Concert Of Angels New World Music CD sublime, emotive, uplifting - missing tray cover!
Ashera Ambient Selections(Dbl) Ashera CD synthesizers, tinkling bells, female voices
Ashera Cobalt 144 Ashera CD Rare, out-of-print CD from this Aussie Ambient artist
Ashera Colour Glow Ashera CD soundscapes of engaging pure sonic bliss
Ashera Colour Glow CDR Ashera CD soundscapes of engaging pure sonic bliss
Ashera We Gaia Obscura CD Warm, engaging soundscapes
Asiabeat Spirit Of The People Celestial Harmonies CD polyrhythms & textured mood pieces
Aurio Corra Laize OM Alcione CD Indian mantras with western rhythms
Aurio Corra Reincarnation Alcione CD Spiritual meditative music
Aurio Corra Reiki: The Ancient Art Of Healing Alcione CD for use by therapists and students of Reiki
B. Scott /L. Shanks DEMOstratives Curmudgeon CD Pop art trio - EP
Bagué Origin Alcione CD Afro-Cuban flamenco guitar music
Bagué Caribbean Dream Alcione CD Afro-Cuban rhythms
Banco de Gaia Magical Sounds Of Banco de Gaia, The Six degrees CD Beautiful textures, soaring melodies, global grooves
Barefoot Barefoot Global Pacific CD earthy, world, fusion dance music
Barry Bekker Kikuyu Holborne CD African tribal songs with keyboards
Barry Cleveland Stones Of Precious Waters Chacra Alternaive Music Cassette Earthly & celestial images on synthesizers, lyricon,guitar, bowed guitar, sitar, recorder and voices. (1986)
BE WELL BE WELL Edition W CD Rare New Age vocal/instrumentals - Limited Edition (1993)
Bearb. A Reklov Feng Shui Time Music CD Exploring spiritual forces in nature & man
Bearns and Dexter Golden Voyage V.1 Audio Alt. CD One of the original & rarest New Age titles
Beasts of Paradise NOBODY KNEW THE TIME City of Tribes CD  
Beasts of Paradise GATHERED ON THE EDGE City of Tribes CD  
BE-ATTITUDE PARTY FOR GOD Raven Recordings CD Inspired by Roth's 5 Rhythms
Beequeen der holzweg NOM CD Comes in an unusual wooden CD box
BEN NEIL GREEN MACHINE Astralwerks CD Trumpet transformations in an electronic jumgle
Ben Neill Torchtower Newtone CD funky distinctive mutant trumpet tracks
Betline Clemen FOREVER Sugo Records CD  
Beverley-Glenn Copeland Keyboard Fantasies cass. (New!) At Last Records Cassette Very rare Canadian release from 1986
Bhava Songs Of Kabir Clear Light Music Cassette Musical settings of the songs by the Persian Mystic, Kabir
Biff Johnson Reading The Bones Broad Vista CD Produced/Mixed by Steve Roach
Bill Douglas Earth Prayer Obscura CD uniquely orchestrated Celtic music
BILL MARTIN VOYAGE OF THE PRECIOUS CHILD Emerald Green CD A melodic odyssey through childhood. Wind instruments; synths. Rare! 1989 Release
Biosphere Substrata All Saints Records CD Very unusual with subtle effects from Norway artist
Black Sabbatical Beyond Salem Corpus Net CD Gothic New Age metal
Bob Olshin Innervison Bob Olshin CD Piano Originals
Bone, Richard Etherdome Hypnos CD Subtle ambient atmospheres
Bone, Richard Spectral Ships, The Hypnos CD Interesting and engaging ambient sound textures
Bonfiglio ROMANCES High Harmony CD  
Bonfiglio Through The Raindrops High Harmony CD Melodies played on the harmonica!
Bonnie Rideout CELTIC CIRCLE Maggie's Music CD  
Bonnie Rideout KINDRED SPIRITS Maggie's Music CD  
Bonnie Rideout SOFT MAY MORN Maggie's Music CD  
Bonpos Monks Tibet: Rituals of Bonpos Ocora CD Chanting by Bonpos Buddhist Monks
BORIS MOURASHKIN POINTS OF LIGHT Relaxation Co. CD Synths w/ Siberian horns & other instrum.
Bowden, William Dream Of Currawong TerraAustralia CD Nature-inspired music from down-under
Brad Prevedoros In Motion Horizon West CD Instrumental jazz/fusion soundscapes
Brain Laughter In The Land Of Power Obscura CD music inspired by Carlos Castenada
Brain Laughter NOT FAR FROM A DIST.SUN Spotted Peccary CD  
Brent Snyder Cumulus cass. (used) Slowheart Music Cassette Super rare! Canadian new age release from 1986
Brian Eno Ambient 1/ Music For Airports OPAL CD THE ambient release that started it all
Brian Eno Music For Airports Opal CD music that approximates the effect of visual art
Brian Eno Thursday Afternoon EG CD A 61-minute meditation masterpiece
Brian Eno /David Byrne My Life In Bush Of Ghosts Sire CD electronic, ambience & thrid world music
Britten, Mark Celtic Journey Global Journey CD Ancient folk melodies with original and trditional tunes
Brown, Jacquelyn Awakeining..The Breath of Life Bertina Celina Prodn. CD  
Brown, Jacquelyn EARTH AIR FIRE WATER Bertina Celina Productions CD  
Bruce BecVar Arriba Shining Star CD Heart-stirring and evocative melodies with exotic percussion
Bruce BecVar Forever Blue Sky TCD CD sparkling guitar hues/ electron. orch.
Bruce Fitzsimmons RUSSIAN RIVER SERENADE Spotted Peccary CD  
Bruce Mitchell CELTIC DESTINY Oasis Productions CD Celtic music & original compositions
Bruce Mitchell Celtic Sanctity Oasis Celtic Sanctity Music of the storied places of the heart
Bruce Mitchell Gathering, The Oasis the gathering album cover accomplished & evocative arrangements
Bruce Mitchell Celtic Destiny (cassette) Oasis Cassette Celtic music & original compositions
Bruce Mitchell Dancing On The Edge Narada CD Upbeat, rock influenced melodies
Bruce Mitchell Hidden Pathways Narada CD Upbeat, rock influenced melodies
Bruno Sanfilippo Suite Pantagonia Osiris Studio CD Argentinian, New Age instrumental orchestral
Bryan Akipa THE FLUTE PLAYER Makoche CD  
B-Tribe Fiesta Fatal! Obscura CD flamenco guitar;chanting vocals; hi-tech
B-Tribe Suave, Suave Obscura CD relaxing ambient groove with flamenco
Burkard von Dallwitz Worlds Apart Archon CD Synths, guitar, violin & percussion - Australian
Burning Sky BURNING SKY Canyon CD  
C. Knudsen Hoy Hav Council Of Nine CD Euro-Ambient from U.K. label Council Of Nine
C.A. Fulton ONCE & FUTURE HARP Gourd Music CD  
Cal Erath Cetus Chromatic Man CD Processed steel guitar music for meditation
Calverley AVALON Oasis Productions Avalon  
Calverley Avalon (cassette) Oasis Cassette Musical journey of Arthurian legends
Calverley Bard Of Hearts RC CD Celtic Harp with spoken verse
Calverley CELTIC MYSTERIES Oasis Productions Celtic Mysteries Music of ancient Celtic times
Calverley Celtic Mysteries Lotus Press CD Music of ancient Celtic times
Calverley Celtic Mysteries (cassette) Oasis Cassette Music of ancient Celtic times
Calverley Celtic Mysteries (original cassette) Moving Light Cassette The original artist's cassette of the classic title
Calverley Celtic Mysteries Coll. Holborne CD Selections from Calverley's 3 CDs
Calverley Celtic Mysteries II Oasis CD New Celtic music recaptures CMI
Calverley Celtic Mysteries II Lotus Press Celtic Mysteries II New Celtic music recaptures CMI
Calverley Celtic Mysteries II (cassette) Oasis Cassette New Celtic music recaptures CMI
Calverley MEDITATION Moving Light CD  
Calverley OCEAN MUSIC (CDR Lite) Oasis Productions CDR Meditation music with ocean sounds
Calverley Ocean Music (cassette) Moving Light Casettes Cassette Rare!!! Meditation music with ocean sounds
Calverley TOTAL RELAXATION Moving Light CD  
Calverley Moving Light Yoga Moving Light Cassette  
Calverley Total Relaxation Moving Light Cassette  
Calverley Transformative Breathing Moving Light Cassette  
Calverley Unfolding Light Moving Light Cassette  
Calverley Visualization Moving Light Cassette  
Calverley/Margherita Crystal Yoga RC Music CD Six guided exercises for attunement
Calverley/Stephen Bacchus Temple Of Singing Bowls Lotus Press CD Primal tones & sacred cadences on Tibetan/crystal bowls
Cantiga Once Upon A Time Obscura CD Middle age dances & Irish Traditional
Cape Breton Gaelic Choir Gaelic Songs From Oranaiche... Neil MacPhee Cassette Traditional Gaelic Choir Music
Carlos Alomar Dream Generator Private Music CD Japanese-sounding music to guitar rock on synthesizers and guitar
Ceoltoiri CELTIC LACE Maggie's Music CD  
Ceoltoiri SILVER APPLES OF THE MOON Maggie's Music CD  
Cesare Fornes Berlanga Corazon Espanol Relaxation Co. CD Flamenco with nature for relaxation
Chacra Artists Bach With Ocean Sounds Oreade CD Air On G String with Ocean Sounds
Chacra Artists PACHELBEL WITH OCEAN SOUNDS Chacra CD Canon in D with ocean sounds
Chacra Artists Satie With Ocean Sounds Chacra Music CD Triois Gymnopedies orchestrated with ocean sounds
Chema Rivas Music For The 21st Century Vihuela CD Classical-inspired pieces for keyboards
Cheryl Gunn Vanidad de Venus Alcione CD Exuberant textures and exquisite musical production
Chloe Goodchild Devi Raven Recording CD Hindu, Christian, Buddhist & Sufi
Chloe Goodchild FIERCE WISDOM Raven Recording CD  
Chloe Goodchild Sura Raven Recording CD sacred chants from different regions
Chris Glassfield RAINBOW DANCING Dawn Awkening CD  
Chris Spheeris Desires Of The Heart   CD balanced collection of ten instrumentals
Chris Spheeris CULTURE Essence Records CD  
Chris Spheeris DESIRES Essence Records CD  
Chris Spheeris ENCHANTMENT Fulfillment CD  
Chris Spheeris MYSTIC TRAVELLER Essence Records CD  
Chris Spheeris PASSAGE Fulfillment CD  
Chris Spheeris Pathways To Surrender Columbia CD His foray into pop vocals with guitar
Chris Spheeris Dancing With The Muse Essence CD flamenco, world & greek, guitar music
Chris Spheeris/Voudouris EUROPA Fulfillment CD  
Christopher Franke BABYLON 5 Sonic Images CD Music from the television show of the same name
Christopher Franke LONDON CONCERT, THE Sonic Images CD  
Christopher Franke ENCHANTING NATURE Sonic Images CD  
Christopher Franke KLEMAN IA Sonic Images CD  
Christopher Franke THE LONDON CONCERT Sonic Images CD  
Christopher Peacock ISLAND TIME Pure & Simple CD  
Chuck Van Zyl Relic, The (Dbl CD) Centaur CD Excellent space ambient music by well-known DJ
Clannad Magical Ring BMG CD Enya is on Clannad's best album
Clay Green Winds Of Montana WOM CD Chimes & nature sounds for relaxation
Constance Demby Constance Demby At Alaron GRD Recordings Cassette Live recording from October 1st, 1983
Constance Demby Light Of This World Sound Currents Cassette Best of compilation (1987)
Constance Demby Novus Magificant Hearts Of Space CD  
Constance Demby SACRED SPACE MUSIC Hearts Of Space CD Sparkling bursts of star showers.. the magic of the Hammered Dulcimer
Constance Demby SANCTUM SANCTORUM Valley Entertainment CD Ambient atmospheres and Gregorian chant
Constance Demby Skies Above Skies Gandarva Cassette Rare early release (1978). Dulcimer, cheng, tamboura, sythesizers
Cosmic Energy Chakra Meditation Aquarius CD Sounds to attune to body's chakras
Coulter & Phillips SIMPLE GIFTS Gourd CD  
Coulter & Phillips TREE OF LIFE Gourd Music CD  
Craig Gibsone Listenings Findhorn Music CD Compositions on the Didgeridoo
Craig Monticone REFLECTIONS Midsummer CD  
Crevier/Kiraly/Crevier Music From The Sky Rubicon CD Extremely rare ambient music from Quebec (1987). Out-of-print
Crimson COLLECTION VOL. 4 & 5 GRD CD  
Crimson Guru Ram Das GRD CD  
Crimson VOL. 6 ARDAS GRD CD  
Crown Invisible Remixes Cursor Club CD Remixes of this esoteric California electonic group's tracks
Crystal Voices Harmonic Vibrations Sound Currents CD Crystal Singing Bowl Music
Crystal Voices Sounds Of Light Sound Currents CD Crystal Singing Bowl Music
Crystal Wind Inner Traveller Higher Octave CD Early (1989) High Octave release by this California instrumental duo
CTI (Chris & Cozy) In Continuum Conspiracy Intl. CD British synth electronic with dark ambient tones
CTI (Chris & Cozy) Library Of Sound 4.7 Conspiracy Intl. CD A later release by this UK duo
CUSCO BEST OF CUSCO, THE Higher Octave CD Tracks celebrating the group's 10th anniversary on Higher Ocatve
D. Fletcher-Hughes Angels Calling DFH CD Piano music with other instruments
Daguay, R. & Robidoux, M. Nova Rubicon CD Fusion/Ambient music from Quebec -- very rare!
Dan Gibson Solitudes - Sampler Album Solitudes CD The first sampler from the Solitudes label
Dan Gibson Lakeside Retreat Solitudes CD Nature sounds & music for relaxing by the lake
Dan Gibson Stargazing Solitudes CD Music and nature's night sounds create wonder
Dan Lacksman Pangea EastWest CD Ambient groove world rhythms with African bush voices
Dan McClarren Celtic Bagpipes Earth Angel CD Irish melodies on the bagpipes
Dan McClarren Celtic Gospel Pan Pipes Earth Angel CD Irish gospel melodies on the panpipes
Dan McClarren Celtic Pan Pipes Earth Angel CD Irish melodies on the panpipes
Dan McClarren Planetary Paradigm Earth Angel CD Includes Pachelbel's Canon in D
Dan McClarren LIVING FROM THE HEART Earth Angel CD Relaxing, instrumental music
Dan McClarren ANGEL OF JOY Earth Angel CD Includes "Amazing Grace"
Dan McClarren Celtic Tranquility Earth Angel CD Soft & romantic keyboards with others
Dan McClarren Let There Be Light Earth Angel CD Yuletide favourites on the EWI & keyboards
DANCING FANTASY MIDNIGHT BLVD. (RARE!) Innovative Communications CD New instrumental music
Daniel Blanchet L'Hamonie des Monde Rubicon CD Very rare, long out-of-print
Daniel Crane Spirit Dreams Horizon West CD Lakota style solo flute
Daniel Kobialka WHEN YOU WISH UPON A STAR Li -Sem Prod. CD  
Danna & Clement A GRADUAL AWAKENING Earthaven/MIRAGE A Gradual Awakening The deep northwoods expressed in tone-poems
Danna & Clement A Gradual Awakening (Chacra Edition) Chacra Alternative Music Cassette Expansive environmental music. A classic. (1986)
Danna & Clement A Gradual Awakening (Fortuna Editio) Fortuna Cassette Expansive environmental music. A classic. (1986)
Danna & Clement A Gradual Awakening (1st Edition) Summerland Music Cassette The very rarest of recordings by this duo! Only 500 released. (1983)
Danna & Clement Another Sun Oasis another sun cover Persian-flavoured atmospheres
Danna & Clement The Best Of Danna & Clément Mirage The Best Of Danna And Clement meticulously remastered reissue
Danna & Clement Mars: The Journey Begins Chacra Alternative Music Cassette Planetarium music from this Canadian duo
Danna & Clement North Of Niagara Hearts Of Space CD Impressions along the Bruce Trail, Canada (1994)
Danna & Clement Planets, Stars & Galaxies Chacra Alternative Music Cassette Planetarium music from this Canadian duo
Danna & Clement Summerland Fortuna Cassette A musical landscape rich with the promise of long, languid summer days
Danna & Clement Summerland Chacra CD A classic! But almost impossible to find
Danny Wright Black And White II Moulin D'Or CD Classical & movie themes on piano
DARIO DOMINGUES SUNSET OVER THE CORDILLERAS WESTPARK CD Improvisations on panflute additional instruments
DAVE ABBOT Sanctuary Dave Abbot CD Peaceful & relaxing melodies
Dave Young/Lisa Franco Celestial Winds I Universal CD Early classic New age with harp & flute
David & Jean Close To You Arylis CD Piano, violin, guitar, sax of pop standards
David Alden Summer Breeze April Avenue CD Pop and standards on Piano, guitar, sax & keyboards
David Alden Only You Arylis CD Pop songs/standards on piano, guitar, sax & keyboards
David Alden Stardust Arylis CD Standards on piano
David Alden Nearness Of You, The Arylis CD Romantic standards for solo piano
David Alden So Nice To Come Home To Arylis CD Romantic standards for solo piano
David Alden/Jean Isn't It Romantic? Arylis CD Romantic standards for piano, guitar & sax
David Alden/P. Triggvi That's What Friends Are For Arylis CD Smooth piano renditions of jazz standards
David Allen Nichols Evidence Burning Water CD Piano originals
David Arkenstone Valley In The Clouds Narada CD Uptempo, beautiful instrumental keyboard music - A classic!
David Darling Journal October Obscura CD Cello with other instruments
David Geyra Art Of Dance, The Innovative Communications CD A blend of jazz, modern classics, New Age & great piano
David Grisman/A. Statman Mandolin Abstractions Rounder Records CD Mandolin collosus by two masters
David Hykes and the Harmonic Choir Hearing Solar Winds Harmonia Mundi CD Ethereal, overtone chanting from the Tibetan Tradition
David Lange Return Of The Comet Hearts Of Space CD  
David Michael Edge Of The Sky Purnima Productions CD Harp, zither, flutes & many other instrum.
David Michael NEW ZEALAND Purnima Productions CD  
David Michael WINTER REVERIES Purnima Productions CD  
David Michael/R. Mead KEYSTONE PASSAGE Purnima Productions CD  
David Naegele Temple In The Forest Valley Of Sun CD Piano, keyboards & finger cymbals
David Parsons Himalaya Sun Energy Cassette Tibetan falvored ambient music. Rare 1st edition on Sun Energy
David Parsons Himalaya Fortuna CD Ambient music with subtle Indian instrumentation
David Parsons Tibetan Plateau/Sounds Of The Mothership Fortuna CD From his very first New Zealand release
David Parsons Dorje Ling Celestial Harmonies CD Ambient with Tibetan chants
David R. Maracle Natural Resources David R. Maracle CD An evocative melding of Iroquian flutes and world rhythms
David Sun Wind Chimes II Oreade CD Hollow bamboo wind chimes
David Sylvian Gone To Earth Virgin CD Ambient guitar textures from former member of Asia
David Sylvian Rain Tree Crow Virgin CD Songs written from group improvisations
David Sylvian/Holger Czukay Plight & Premonition Virgin CD Two big artists blend talents atmospherically
David Van Teigham Safety In Numbers Private Music CD Rare! 1987 release. Eclectic instrumental mix
Dead Musician's Society Lost In A Distant Landscape Reception Records CD Alternative Rock
DEAN EVENSON FOREST RAIN Soundings Of The Planet CD Lush music reflects the multilayered richness of an forest grove
Dean Evenson/Tsonakwa Echoes Of The Night Soundings...Planet CD Native flute with Abenaki storyteller
Debbie Danbrook Honkyoku Twilight Sounds CD Trad. shakuhachi repertoire w/ voice & cello
Debbie Danbrook Tanoshii - Joy Straw Into Gold CD Original/traditional music of Japan
Debbie Danbrook Spirit Of Shakuhachi, The Obscura CD Shakuhachi solos from Debbie's CDs
Deborah Martin UNDER THE MOON Spotted Peccary CD  
Deborah Van Dyke Travelling Sacred Sound Sound Curr. CD healing chants and divine mantras
Deep Forest Boheme Sony/Epic CD traditional ethnic chants & state-of-the-art rhythms
Deep Forest Deep Forest Sony CD traditional ethnic musics & state-of-the-art rhythms
DEITER STUPKAN River, The Transformer CD Synths, guitars, percussion & sax
Delerium Euphoric Attic CD Rare 1991 release. Out-of-print
Delerium Flowers Become Screens Nettwerk CD Ambient pop grooves with female vocals
Denbbie Danbrook/Anne Bourne Groupo Gekko Straw Into.. CD Shakuhachi, cello & world inst./percussion
DERRING & SAKAIDE EAST 2 WEST IC/Digit CD Finely crafted textures in sound, colourful moods; soft picture music
Deuter Sun Spirit New Earth CD Music on the symbolism of the sun
Deuter Wind & Mountain Relaxation Co. CD Peaceful slow frequences help you relax
Deva Premal Embrace White Swan embrace album cover Ancient mantras with sensual grooves
Deva Premal Essence, The White Swan essence album cover It's like Enya-meets-Sanskrit
Deva Premal Love Is Space White Swan love is space album cover mantras & multi-level harmonies
Deva Premal DAKSHINA White Swan CD Rare pre-release CD
Deva Premeal & Miten Satsang: A Meditation... White Swan CD Premal vocals w/ keyboards guitars -- live!
Devakant Door Of Eternity Tao Music CD Silver/Bamboo flutes & Chant
Di Donna Aphrodite Alcione CD Inspired by the Greek goddess, Aphrodite
Di Donna Feng Shui Alcione CD music of light that illuminates
Di Donna Runes Alcione CD Inspired by the Scandinavian Runes
Di Scherling Always On My Mind Arylis CD Jazz/pop standards for piano & keyboards
Diana Elaina Red Inside Findhorn Music CD Celtic/Shamanic music on the harp -- very rare!
Dilate Cyclos Hypnotic CD Exotic ambient/electronic planetscapes
Dip Tse Chok Monks Sacred Ceremonies Fortuna CD Ritual music of Tibetan Buddhism; Chanting
Don Campbell Mozart Effect V2 Obscura CD healing Mozart music for stress relief
Don Campbell Music For The Mozart Effect V.1 Spring Hill Music CD Stengthen The Mind: Music for Intelligence & Learning
Don Slepian Reflections Audion CD Guitar, synth and Samplers - Rare & out-of-print
Donald Dawson All Guitar Alldon CD Guitar Music
Donnellan Bocci Robe Vanishing Voices Blue Planet CD Sounds of endangered species/habitats with music
Donny J. Regalmuto Maui Magica Shaman Mystique CD Hawaiin nature sounds & music
Double Fantasy Universal Ave. Innovative Comm. CD Universal Ave." travels through the endless space of the universe
Doug & Matt Brody Form and Illusion ??? Cassette  
Douglas Cutler Beneficial Dreams Resonasphere Records Cassette Rare! Piano music from a talented Canadian artist. (1986)
Douglas, Bill Jewel Lake Hearts Of Space CD An early classic (1988) featuring keyboards + other instruments
Dr. Jeffery Thompson Inner Dance Relaxation Co. CD Sophisticated sound technology/soothing melody
E. Rautavaara Cantus Arcticus Catalyst CD Mysterious Orchestral waves w/ wild birds
E. Sayyeh/C. Hassen Belly Dance Instrumentals Rounder Records CD hypnotic bellydance music from Morocco & Lebanon
E>H<B Life By The Drop E>H<B CD Canadian Indie Rock with Synths
Echoes Of Incas Cordilleras Chacra CD Andean music
Echoes Of Incas Ventana al Sol Chacra CD Singing native flute and driving rhythms
Eckert Rinde DO THE DAY OVER City of Tribes CD  
Eddie Jobson Theme Of Secrets Private Music CD Rare early release (1985); Long out-of-print
Eight Lamas From Drepung Tibetan Sacred Temple Music Oasis Productions Cassette Traditional Tibetan Monk Chanting
Eight Lamas From Drepung Tibetan Sacred Temple Music - 1st Edition Shining Star Cassette Traditional Tibetan Monk Chanting
Eliza Gilkyson PILGRIMS MTI CD  
eM Djinn Foundry CD Music drawn from the ether revealing electromagnetic spirits
Emerald Web Sound Trek (cassette) Stargate Records Cassette Visionary music on flutes & synthesizers. Rare!
Emerald Web Valley Of The Birds GRD Cassette  
Emigrés Les Emigrés Aquarius CD African percussion music
Emile Spirit Of The Crusaders Alcione CD Instrumental medieval music
Emile Visitors From Other Dimensions (Used) Alcione CD Magical, breathtaking, powerful instrumental music
Emile Pandolifi AFFAIR TO REMEMBER, AN Arylis CD  
Emile Pandolifi BY REQUEST Arylis CD  
Emile Pandolifi COUNTRY IMPRESSIONS Arylis CD  
Emile Pandolifi NIGHTS ON BROADWAY Arylis CD  
Emile Pandolifi ONCE UPON A ROMANCE Arylis CD  
Emile Pandolifi PLEASE WELCOME Arylis CD  
Emile Pandolifi REMEMBER ME Arylis CD  
Emile Pandolifi WHITE CHRISTMAS Miscelleneous-Arylis CD  
Enigma Enigma 3:Le Roi Est Mort Virgin CD This is the 3rd CD by this best-selling group
Enigma Screen Behind The Mirror, The Virgin CD ambient, Gregorian chant, world music/dance rhythms
Enya Enya (The Celts) Atlantic CD Superstar's debut self-titled CD for a BBC series
Enya Watermark Reprise CD Her first hit album, includes "Orinoco Flow"
Eric Hansen Without Words Nerodisc CD Guitar stylings transport you through land of gypsies
Eric Hansen Nuevo Flamenco Romancero Nerodisc CD Pop standards done in a romantic flamenco style
Eric Tingstad/Nacy Rumbel Emerald Narada CD  
Eric Tingstad/Nacy Rumbel Gift, The Narada CD  
Eric Triger Guardian Angels Alcione CD Angel-inspired music on guitar & keys
Erica Kundidzora Azim Mbira Dreams Relaxation Co. CD The African thumb piano used for healing
Erik Berglund Beauty Sona Gaia Cassette Healing harp music (1985)
Erik Berglund ANGEL BEAUTY Helios CD  
Erik Berglund Angelic Harp Music Helios CD Healing harp and synthesizer music
Erik Berglund ELYSIUM Helios CD  
Erik Berglund HARP OF HEAL WATERS Helios CD  
Erik Wollo SOLSTICE Eurock Records CD  
Evergreen Club North Of Java Arjuna Records Cassette  
Exchange Between Places Mesa CD Upbeat rock-influenced melodies
Exchange Beyond Words Mes Blue Moon CD This album fits into any situation. Music to work or relax to.
Exchange Exchange Mesa CD The only vocal (song) CD released by the instrumental duo
Exchange Into The Night Mesa Records CD debut CD of "progressive instrumental" duo
Exuviae Echoes In The Emptiness Greenhouse Music CD Ambient music from the American mid-west
Fadi Diab SHADE OF GREEN Offbeat CD  
Fernan Enriquez Andean Dreams Kordillera Records CD South American music on panflutes
Fernan Enriquez Christmas Panflutes Kordillera CD Christmas favourites on the panflute
Fernan Enriquez Haunting Melodies Kordillera Records CD Standards on panflutes & guitar/keyboards
Fernan Enriquez Romantic Notes Kordillera Records CD Standards on panflutes & guitar/keyboards
Fix The Human Drift Five Firs CD Music for massage, yoga, meditation on guitar/keyboards
Flomer, John MYSTERIOUS MOTONS OF MEMORY Spotted Peccary CD  
Francois Kiraly/Charles Crevier Calypso Rubicon/Oreus CD Rare, Phillips early digi-pack release of Quebec artists' CD
FRANK FISCHER TALES OF MULLUMBIMBY IC/Digit CD Airy, light and tender compositions conveys the spirit of different places
FRANK FISCHER WEST OF FANTASY IC/Digit CD Musical sketches dedicated to the American Southwest
Freidemann Indian Summer Narada Equinox CD  
Friedemann Legends Of Light Narada CD Feathery, sweet music built on contemporary forms
G.E.N.E Fluting Paradise IC/Digit Music CD Groovin Natural Electronic Atmosphere - flutes/synths
G.E.N.E Fluting Paradise Chacra Alternaive Music Cassette Groovin Natural Electronic Atmosphere - flutes/synths
G.E.N.E. KATCHINA IC/Digit CD Jazz, classical, electronic and embodies the sensibilites of nature
G.E.N.E. Life Is A Melody cass. Chacra Cassette Flutes, synths, nature sounds
G.S. Sachdev Amar Sangit Relaxation Co. CD Original/folk music on the bansuri flute
G.S. Sachdev Full Moon Fortuna CD Indian Ragas played on the solo bansuri flute
Gabriel & Voltaire Secret Fire Invincible Cassette A rich tapestry of exotic colours, textures & themes
Gabriel Roth Raven Recordings - The Classics (4 CDs) Raven Recordings CD Contains "Totem", "Bones", "Initiation" & "Ritual"
Gabriel Roth Music For Slow Yoga V.2 Raven Recordings CD Smoothly rolling rhythms for yoga practice
Gabrielle Roth BARDO (Roth) Raven Recordings CD Guest appearance by Deva Premal
Gabrielle Roth Bones Raven Recordings CD Hymns to the sacred animal spirits
Gabrielle Roth Endless Wave V.2 Raven Recordings CD A workout for body and soul
Gabrielle Roth Endless Wave V.I Raven Recordings CD Soundtrack of "The Wave" video
Gabrielle Roth Initiation Raven Recordings CD A musical guide for each body part
Gabrielle Roth Jhoom Raven Recording CD A hypnotic blend of drums, strings and female chants
Gabrielle Roth Luna Raven Recordings CD songs evoking the feminine mysteries
Gabrielle Roth Music For Slow Flow Yoga Raven Recordings CD rhythms for stretching & soul inspiring
Gabrielle Roth Refuge Raven Recordings CD percussion & Tibetan Buddhist chants
Gabrielle Roth Ritual Raven Recordings CD for massage, meditation & yoga
Gabrielle Roth STILL CHILLIN' Raven Recording CD EP of selected Gabriel Roth tracks
Gabrielle Roth Sundari Raven Recordings CD A Jivamukti yoga class
Gabrielle Roth Tongues Raven Recordings CD lyrical, upbeat vocal chanting
Gabrielle Roth Totem Raven Recordings CD shamanic drumming & trance/dance
Gabrielle Roth Trance Raven Recordings CD a great blend of exotic rhythms
Gabrielle Roth Tribe Raven Recordings CD music to get you going. Hot, hot, hot!
Gabrielle Roth Waves Raven Recordings CD Intense and primitive percussion
Gabrielle Roth Zone Uknown Raven Rec. CD Dance Your Heart Out!
Gandalf Fantasia WEA CD A journey of magical motion - natural, acoustic and electronic atmospheres
Gandalf LABYRINTH-Film Soundtrack Eurock Records CD  
Garth Spirit Voyage Sun Energy Cassette  
Gary Hughes Sacred Cities Audion CD Rare, out-of-print electronic New Age music (1986)
Gary Remal Malkin Thousand Pieces Of Gold Real Music CD Chinese instruments in arrangements
Gary Sill Christmas from East to West GRD Recordings Cassette  
Gary Sill Closer to the Shore GRD Recordings Cassette  
Gary Sill Openings GRD Recordings Cassette  
Gary Sill Rosedreams GRD Recordings Cassette  
Gary Stroutsos DISTANT SHORE Makoche CD Original compositions played on Native American flute
Gary Stroutsos WINDS OF HONOR Makoche CD  
Gary Stroutsos Quiet Fire White Swan CD Native flute, lyraharp guitar & percussion
Gary Thomas Dali's Cave Aquarius CD Didgeridoo with world instruments
Gary Thomas GAIA'S DREAM Aquarius Int. Music CD Didgeridoo/Egyptian tar & darbuka
Gawain Kali Meditation Aquarius CD 4 meditations on Goddess, Kali
Genko Takemisa LIEBSTER JESU Aeolian CD  
Genko Takemisa SEFAUCHI'S FAREWELL Aeolian CD  
George Abdo Joy Of Belly Dancing, The Monitor CD Instrumental recordings of belly dance music
George Winston Night Divides The Day Windham Hill CD The music of the Doors on solo piano
Georgia Kelly GARDENS OF THE SUN Heru CD  
Georgia Kelly HARP AND SOUL Heru CD  
Georgia Kelly SEAPEACE Heru CD  
Gerald Jay Markoe Pleiadian Danses cassette Astromusic Cassette Music inspired by the Pleiades star cluster
Gheorge Zamfir Feeling Of Romance, The EMI/CMC CD Love songs on the pan flute by the venerable virtuoso
Giles Reaves Wunjo cassette MCA Cassette Classic sought-after electronic/ambient album
Giles Reaves Sea Of Glass Hearts Of Space CD Only Hearts Of Space release - space music with textures
Giles Reaves Wunjo MCA CD One of the rarest CDs in the ambient/electronic genres
Gipsy Flamenco Sur Gipsy CD Hot flamenco music on guitars inspired by the Gypsy Kings
Gipsy Gipsy Gipsy CD Rare, hot flamenco music by Canadians
Gomer Edwin Evans Irish Gypsy Magrita CD Irish melodies w/ a touch of joy & happiness
Govi Mosaico Higher Octave CD Flamenco guitar and other instrumentals - lush!
Grant B. DePauw ANA Ursa Minor CD Rare independent release (1994) for clarity and calm
Grant Mackay Point Petre: A Birder's Paradise Earthaven Point Petre Day & nighttime birdsounds from Point Petre. Dozens of bird species!
Grant Mackay The Returning cass. Serenity Sound Cassette Soothing and revitializing synthesizer music
Grant Mackay Visions Of Unity Serenity Sound Cassette Music for meditation and yoga
Grant Mackay Forest Marsh, The Earthaven The Forest Marsh Birdsongs & bullfrogs recorded at dawn in Northumberland County
Grant Mackay Lakeside Savannah Earthaven Lakeside Savannah Recorded at Point Petre Nature Preserve
Green Isac Happy Endings Eurock CD A fascinating fusion of ambient and world music sound
GREG JOY Celtic Dancer Horizon West CD Lively & danceable Celtic jigs & reels
GREG JOY CELTIC ENCHANTMENT Horizon West CD Enchanting traditional British Isles Celtic-Folk Melodies
GREG JOY Celtic Impressions Horizon West CD Celtic arrangements on guitar, cello, recorders + more
GREG JOY CELTIC SECRETS Horizon West CD Enchanting traditional British Isles Celtic-Folk Melodies in the "Folk-Baroque" style
GREG JOY Celtic Secrets 2 Horizon West CD Celtic traditionals on guitar, cello, recorders + more
GREG JOY TEXTURES Horizon West CD Enchanting originals inspired by traditional British Isles Celtic-Folk Melodies
GREG JOY VISIONS OF PARADISE Horizon West CD Original instrumental music inspired by folk-baroque, celtic , folk-rock and contemporary jazz
Greg Joy Winds Of Change Horizon West CD Inspired by folk-baroque, folk rock & cont. jazz
GREG JOY & MARK BRACKEN A MAGICAL CELTIC CHRISTMAS Horizon West CD Enchanting traditional Christmas carols in the Celtic/Folk-Baroque style
GREG JOY & MARK BRACKEN MUSIC OF CHRISTMAS VOL.1 Horizon West CD Traditional music arranged for the guitar. psaltry, flute, hammer dulcimer, recorder and cello
GREG JOY/TULLY/DOIDGE TOUCHING HEARTS Horizon West CD Acoustic instrumentals on guitars, flute, viola da Gamba & keyboards
Greg Klamt FULCRUM Spotted Peccary CD  
Griffin This Solid Land Audio Arts Cassette Rare! Instrumental music from U.K. label.
Gubitsch/de Courson Songs Of Innocence Virgin CD Dialogues between children's voices & world inst.
Gudjonsson/Gunnarson Gaia Windham Hill CD Music inspired by the Nordic landscapes
Gyuto Monks/Phillip Glass Freedom Chants From The Roof... Ryko CD Tibetan chanting with track by Kitaro, M. Hart, P. Glass
H. Baer/Dan Gibson Woodland Strings Obscura CD Woodland nature sounds & string orchestra
Hannah & Friends Mother's Heart - Flute Relaxations Hannah & Friends CD Music for youga, meditation and pure relaxation
Hannah & Friends Walk With The Angels - Danceable Joy Hannah Music CD Jazz Flute with vocals, keyboards, guitar, sax, bass, perc.
Harmonium L'heptade (Dbl CD) CBS CD masterpiece of internal art rock
Harold Budd Lovely Thunder EG Records CD Classic early Budd ambient release
Harold Budd Room, The Atlantic CD piano/synth textures inducing meditativness
Harris & Mendietta Sea Of Green Crystal Creek CD tropics-inspired tunes with nature sounds
Haslem, Paul Dulcimer Traditions Dulcimer Traditions CD Traditional spirituals and Celtic tunes on Dulcimer
Hedges, Michael Aerial Boundaries Windham Hill CD One of the early classic New Age guitar albums
Heijden, Eric van der Light Beyond, The Groove Records CD Music for a new beginning
Hellman, Neal AUTUMN IN THE VALLEY Gourd Music CD  
Helpling, David BETWEEN GREEN AND BLUE Spotted Peccary CD  
Hempton, Gordon Australia: Outback Dawn World Disc CD Various dawn recordings from the outback
Hendrix, Kat Earth Dance Arylis CD exotic flutes/violin/keyboards & percuss.
Hennie Bekker Awakenings (Used) HB Music CD A favourite of Bekker's fans
Hennie Bekker REVERIE HB MUSIC CD Includes Greensleeves
Hennie Bekker TRANSITIONS HB MUSIC CD Original & arranged compositions
Hennie Bekker A Time For Romance HB MUSIC CD Original & arranged compositions
Hennie Bekker Essence Of Romance HB MUSIC CD Original & arranged compositions
Hennie Bekker Romantic Classics HB MUSIC CD Arrangements of Debussy, Fauré & others
HENRY WOLF/NANCY HENNINGS TIBETAN BELLS II Celestial Harmonies CD Ancient resonances of the bells of Tibet
Herb Ernst Bringers of the Dawn Chacra CD passionate rhapsodies/serene lullabies
Herb Ernst Dreamflight New Leaf? CD opens the heart to gentleness & serenity
Herb Ernst Dreamflight II New Leaf? CD opens the heart to gentleness & serenity
Herberman/Gibson Angels Of The Sea Solitudes CD 9 different species of dolphins with music
Himekame Journey To Zipangu Higher Octave CD synth renditions of Japanese tone poems
Hiroki Ishiguro Green Flash Nippon Crown CD New Age music from Japan
Hiroshi Yoshimura Green Sona Gaia Cassette Healing electronic music from this Japanese artist (1986)
Hoppé, Michael WINDSONGS Seventh Wave CD  
Hudson Chamber Ensemble Joan Of Arc Chacra CD 15th century chamber music
Hudson Chamber Ensemble Nostradamus Chacra CD Music of visions and revelations
Ian Tamblyn Over My Head (1st edition) North Track Cassette An ornitholigist's delight. Great birdsongs with music
Ian Tamblyn Antarctica North Track CD Sounds of Antarctica blended with folk instrumental music
Ian Tamblyn Lost Visions, Forgotten Dreams CMC CD Inspired by Innuit culture
Ian Tamblyn Magnetic North Holborne CD Sounds of the arctic mixed with folk instrumental music
Ian Tamblyn Over My Head (1st Edition) North Track CD An ornitholgist's delight! Great birdsongs with music
Iasos Angelic Music Inter-dimensional Music CD  
Iasos Bora, Bora 2000 Oreade CD Light, happy with tropical overtones
Ilan Chester Bhakti Alcione CD Sanskrit devotional songs and poems
Indra Signs Perfect Music CD Melodic electronic music from Europe
Indra Whispers Of Nature Perfect Music CD Music inspired by Nature
INGRAM MARSHALL ALCATRAZ New Albion CD Has $1.00 felt marked on cover and disc
Inkuyo Temple Of The Sun Fortuna CD Orig./trad. Incan music on authentic instruments
Isao Tomita Snowflakes Are Dancing RCA CD Classic electronic Debussy in 5.1 Surround
Isao Tomita Tomita's Greatest Hits Red Seal CD Includes Pachelbel's Canon, "Star Wars" theme
Isham, Mark Vapour Drawings Windham Hill CD Crystalline synth textures & trumpet
Ivan Barbotin Anastasia Ballet Jorgen CD Music for Ballet Jorgen's 2007 production of Anastasia
Ivan Barbotin GENTLE TEMPEST RTR CD Classically-inspired keyboard compositions
Izy Coco The Sun, The Sand, ... Izy Coco Prod. CD Theraputic music for babies/children & adults
J. Arif Verner A VISION BEYOND LIGHT Spotted Peccary CD  
J.A. Olivia Power Of Yoga, The Alcione CD Music created for use with Yoga
J.Galli/M. Summ Butterfly Galli CD Dance meditation music from Germany
Jacques De Koninck Keys Chacra Music CD Soft Synth New Age Instrumentals - Missing tray card
Jacques De Koninck Noel Chacra CD Favourites and obscure Christmas music on synths
Jacques De Koninck Visuael Chacra CD Quebec New Age keyboard music from the early 90s
Jai Uttal Footprints Triloka CD World Inst. w/ Don Cherry & L. Shankar
Jai Uttal Monkey Triloka CD Indian spiritual fused with American pop
James Asher Great Wheel, The Music West CD Acoustic/electonic tracks evoking the cycle of life
JAMES HYMAN AWAKENING RHYTHM Oceania CD Eclectic blend of pop melodies, guitar licks and lyrics
James Johnson Surrender Zero Music CD Very Eno-ish ambient music
James Johnson Unity Zero Music CD Rare CDR of midwest artist's music
James McElroy Kutwa Kucha GRD Cassette  
James McElroy Mystique GRD Cassette  
Jay Scott Berry Symphony Of Light Lunaverse CD Symphonic-like arrangements on keyboards
Jean C. Roche Forests/Mountains-Asia Sittelle CD Nature sound of subtropical Asia
Jean Malaurie Inuit Chants Harmonia Mundi CD Inuuit Chants from Greenland/Canada/U.S.
Jean Michel Jarre Sessions 2000 Dreyfus CD Tracks from a session recorded in 2000
Jean Pierre Labreche Yi-King Vol. 2 Oreade CD Tropical natures & mystical music
Jean-Pierre LaBreche Sadhana Sound Odyssey Cassette Rare! The music intensely penetrates the mystery and exoticism of India
Jean-Pierre LaBreche YI-KING VOL.1 Oreade CD The Oreade 1996 of this Canadian classic
Jeff Grienke CHANGING SKIES Multimood Records CD Early rare release
Jeff Grienke Over Ruins/Moving Climates Projekt CD Electronic music that is rich in texture, depth mood & subtle detail
Jeff Johnson Prayers Of St. Brendan Hearts Of Space CD Celtic, classical, rock & Medieval music
Jeff Pearce To The Shores Of Heaven Hypnos CD Flowing guitar textures
Jenkins & Lackey CONTINUUM Spotted Peccary CD  
Jens Zygar Gongs Fonix Musik CD meditative gongs for harmonizing the body
Jerry Goodman ARIEL Private Music CD Violin with other arranged instruments. Original 1986 Private Music label release
Jerry Goodman On The Future Of Aviation Private Music CD Rare, cover has felt markings on it
Jerry LaRocca Years Of Longing LaRocca Music CD Heartfelt moving music on piano , strings & other instruments
Jim Bajor SOMEWHERE IN TIME Sugo Records CD  
Jim Oliver Harmonic Resonance Relaxation Co. CD Healing tones for physical and spiritual renewal
Jimmy Ille Grand Old Circus Band, The Laserlight CD Authenit circus music by the bandleader of Barnum & Bailey Circus
Jo Reid Resonance Sun Energy Cassette  
JOACHIM-ERNST BERENDT Primordial Tones 1(Dbl) Destiny Records CD Drone/meditation tones on the multi-string sandawa
JOACHIM-ERNST BERENDT Primordial Tones 2(Dbl) Aquarius CD Tones of the planets for meditation
JOACHIM-ERNST BERENDT Primordial Tones 3(Dbl) Aquarius CD Tones of the planets for meditation
Joanne Shenandoah/Ortega Loving Ways First Nations CD Songs of living and love among native people
Joanne Shenandoah/Peter Kater Life Blood Silver Wave CD Enya-like native singing w/ keyboard arrange
Joaquin Lievano Ecologie Miramar CD guitar/instrumental music inspired by nature
Joe Euro HIGH ROAD, THE Purnima Prodn. CD  
Joe Weed AMERICAN PORTRAIT Highland Records CD  
Joe Weed PRAIRIE LULLABY Highland Records CD  
Joe Weed WALTZ OF THE WHIPOORWILL Highland Records CD  
Joemy Wilson CELTIC DREAMS Dargason CD  
Joemy Wilson DULCIMER LULLABIES Dargason CD  
Joemy Wilson TRADITIONAL X MAS Dargason CD  
Johannes Linstead Mediterranea Earthscape CD Spanish guitar, Greek bouzouki & Gypsy violin
John Adams Harmonium ECM CD Orchestra w/ chorus
John Alonso The Gift John Alonso CD Piano music originals
John Doan Departures Narada CD  
John Doan REMEMBRANCE, MELODIES OF ... Tapestry CD  
John Dyson Silverbird Groove Records CD Synthezier music in the Euro/Schultz trad.
John Fire Crow FIRE CROW Makoche CD  
John Fisher Unwrapping The Gift Manzanita CD Flute & keyboards
John Herberman Angels By The Sea Solitudes CD Dolphins, ocean sounds and relaxation music
John K. Neptune WORDS CAN'T GO THERE Oasis Productions CD  
John Kaizan Neptune Dance For The ONE in Six Oasis CD A tour-de-force of Japanese music & jazz!
John Kaizan Neptune Dance For The ONE in Six (cassette) Oasis Cassette A tour-de-force of Japanese music & jazz!
John Kaizan Neptune Dance For The ONE In Six cass. Fortuna Cassette Japanese, jazz and world fusion featuring the shakuhachi flute
John Kaizan Neptune Words Can't Go There Oasis Cassette Original and traditional shakuhachi solos (1991)
John Mandeville Serenity: Moments Of Meditation Earth Angel CD Soft & romantic keyboards with others
JOHN RICHARDSON DRUMS OF A NATION New World CD Ceremonial drums with natural sounds, monochord, shamanic chant
John Robert Secret Realms Ashwini CD Angelic orchestration for the heart realms
JOHN THEMIS ATMOSPHERIC CONDITIONS Coda CD A special place...a haunting voice, a chalice, it's minute yet mighty
John Wyre VAGABOND DREAM Interworld CD  
Jon & Vangelis Friends Of Mr. Cairo, The Polydor CD 2nd CD by these two artists - Grand stuff!
Jon Mark A CELTIC STORY White Cloud a celtic story album cover Soft keyboards tell the ancient story behind the Celtic peoples
Jon Mark Asia Journey White Cloud CD Gentle and evocative portraits of varied Asia landscapes
Jon Mark Land Of Merlin Kuckuck CD Celtic-inspired New Age music
Jon Mark NIGHTMUSIC White Cloud CD Ambient/gentle jazz sounds with touches of soul
Jon Mark Alhambra Kuckuck CD With Spanish, moorish and flamenco flavorings
Jon Mark A Sunday In Autumn White Cloud a sunday in autumn Original synth music of New Zealand
Joni Mitchell Blue Reprise CD An early classic! Her breakthrough album
Jonn Serrie MIDSUMMER CENTURY Miramar CD New age music with fantasy touches
Jonn Serrie SPIRIT KEEPERS Miramar CD Space music with ancient Native American tribal music
Jonn Serrie Planetary Chronicles V.2 Miramar CD Space music
Jonn Serrie And The Stars Go With You Miramar CD Back cover has small hole
Jonn Serrie Flightpath Miramar CD Music inspired by the dawn of the Space Age
Jonn Serrie IXLANDIA Miramar CD  
Jonn Serrie PLANETARY CHRONICLES V.1 Miramar CD Space music
Joost Vanhove Journeys Fonix Musik CD Acoustic/Electron. - bursting w/ life/creativity
Jorge Alfano Noccan Kani Relaxation Co. CD Pre-Incan music on indigenous instruments
Joseph Danza Dreamcatcher Invincible Cassette Guitar, keyboards, ethnic instruments & shakuhachi flute
Joseph Danza Silent Gate Invincible Cassette New compositions featuring shakuhachi flute
Judith Pintar Changes Like The Moon Sona Gaia CD  
Judith Pintar Secrets From The Stone Sona Gaia CD  
K.G. Griswold Classical Wings North Sound CD Bird songs with Classical Music
Kaila Kukla Flow Yoga FlowYoga CD Over 1 hr. of guided yoga postures & music
Kamal Silhouette Nightingale CD A kaleidoscope of multi-dimensional pictures
Kanatin Aski Andean Universe Horizon West CD Tradition & contemporary Andean music
Karen Ashbrook HILLS OF ERIN Maggie's Music CD  
Karen Ashbrook KNOCK ON THE DOOR Maggie's Music CD  
Karlheinz Stockhausen Zyklu/Refrain/Kontakte Accord CD Piano,percussion & tape pieces from the 60s
Kat Epple Works In Progress Emerald Web CD Celtic to smooth jazz sound, to the jungles of Africa, to a Latin flare.
Kat Epple & Chuck Grinnell Azure Pieces Of Life Emerald Web CD Improvised flute & keyboards inspired by the natural beauty of SW Florida
Keary Secret Gate, The Reedsong Music CD Organic keyboards, chants w/ a Buddist feel
KEES AERTS Slices Of Time Groove Records CD Reflective, deeply-personal compositions
Keillor, Garrioson Lake Wobegon Days Virgin CD Includes Young Lutheran's Guide To Orch.
KEISUKE DOI ACROSS THE MOUNTAIN Oasis CD Soft Japanese instrumentals
KEISUKE DOI ACROSS THE MOUNTAIN (Cassette) Oasis Cassette Soft Japanese instrumentals
KELLER KONSORTIUM MOZART FOR A NEW MILLENNIUM Platinum CD New instrumental renditions of Mozart classics
Ken Stover Sir Dancelet's Dream Hearts Of Space CD  
Kenneth Newby Ecology Of Souls(1st Edition) Obscura CD complex textured layers of sound
Kenneth Wells Earthbound Kenneth Wells Cassette Sarod and other east Indian instruments
Kevin Braheny Secret Rooms Hearts Of Space CD Expressive sax, Steiner electronic woodwinds & keyboards
Kevin Braheny Galaxies Hearts Of Space CD  
Kevin Braheny The Way Home Hearts Of Space CD  
Kevin Braheny/Tim Clark Spell, The Hearts Of Space CD Highly melodic and at times haunting & beautiful
KEVIN BRAHENY/TIM CLARK THE SPELL Hearts Of Space CD Highly melodic and at times haunting & beautiful
Kevin Keller Intermezzo Zebra Music CD Ambient music with cello
Kevin Keller The Mask Of Memory Zebra Music CD Ambient with classical compositions
Kevin Locke OPEN CIRCLE Makoche CD  
Kevin Locke THE FLASH OF THE MIRROR Makoche CD  
Kevin O'Leary Sounds Of Algonquin Earthnoise CD Recorded at Algonquin Provincial Park
Kim Robertson TENDER SHEPHERD (cassette) Gourd Music Cassette Lullabies & aires for all ages performed on the Celtic harp
Kim Robertson Treasures Of the Celtic Harp Dargason Music CD Celtic melodies, with four Kim Robertson originals on solo harp
Kim Robertson Water Spirit GRD CD  
Kim Robertson Wind Shadows Invincible CD  
Kim Robertson WILD IRIS GRD CD  
Kim Robertson/Virginia Kron Gratitude GRD CD  
Kim Wilson Humpback Whales Laserlight CD Songsof the humpback whales - 60 minutes continuous
Kitaro DIGITAL IN PERSON Domo Records CD  
Kitaro KI Domo Records CD  
Kitaro OASIS Domo Records CD  
Kitaro PEACE ON EARTH Domo Records CD Kitaro does traditional Christmas Carols - very used missing back tray
Kitaro SILK ROAD SUITE Domo Records CD  
Kitaro SILK ROAD VOL. 1 Domo Records CD  
Kitaro THE WORLD OF KITARO Domo Records CD  
Kitaro TUNHUANG Domo Records CD  
KLAUS KRUGER COLLECTION (RARE!) Innovative Communications CD Music that follows in the tradition of The Berlin School of Electronic Music
Klaus Schonning Stars In The Night Fonix Musik CD Instrumental music inspired by stars
KLAUS SCHULTZ LIVE MANIKIN RECORDS CD Very rare live concerts from 1976 & 1979
KLAUS SCHULTZ TOTENTAG (OPERA IN 7 PICTURES) ZYX Music CD Rare 2 CD release on the German label ZYX music. OOP!
KLAUS SCHULTZ X Metronome Musik CD Rare 1978 Double CD
KLAUS SCHULZE DREAMS Metronome Musik CD Rare! 1986 Studio recording of oginal works
KOSEI YAMAMOTO EAST WARD Innovative Communications CD Contemporary jazz and progressive new age fusion from Japan.
Krishna Chakravarty Ananda Fortuna CD Ancient Ragas played by a master female sitarist
Krystian Shek Blue Marine Diventa CD Lounge & downbeat moves listener into alternating and calm moods.
Kumi Arata LECONS DE TENEBRES Aeolian CD  
Lance De Vere Lazy Daze Swingin. Chicken CD Relaxing fiddle, guitar and mandolin
Laraaji Flow Goes The Universe   CD meditational mbira & eletro-zither
Laraaji & Lyghte Celestial Realms Spirit Music Cassette Meditation music on synthesizer, zither, bells & guitar (1986)
Larkin O'cean cass. Sona Gaia Cassette Flute music with humpback whale sounds (1986)
Larkin & Friends Earth Light Sona Gaia Cassette Flute, synthesizers, guitar, voice, Lynn drum machine & FX (1985)
Lau Laursen GENTLE RAIN Dawn Awakening CD  
Laura Sullivan Mystical America Delvian Records CD Inspired by sacred places Chaco Canyo, Mt. Shasta & more
Layne Redmond SINCE THE BEGINNING Interworld CD  
Les Gilbert KAKADU BILIBONG Small World CD  
Lesiem Auracle Intentcity CD Diva-inspired vocals, Gregorian hants & mytsical grooves
Lesiem ILLUMINATION Intentcity CD World beat grooves, Gregorian Chant
Lesiem Mystic Spirit Voices Intentcity CD Enigma Meets Pink Floyd
Lesiem Mystic Spirit Voices - 1st Edition Alcione CD Enigma Meets Pink Floyd
Lessa Atlantean Reflections At'L'An CD A recording of intuitive soul songs
Libana CIRCLE IS CAST, A Lady Slipper CD  
Libana FIRE WITHIN Lady Slipper CD  
Libana ONE SPIRIT Lady Slipper CD  
Lights in a Fat City SOMEWHERE City of Tribes CD  
Lightwave Cantus Unbrarum Horizon Music CD Sound installation in Choranche Caves, France
Lila Downs Tree Of Life Narada Music CD Songs from central American
Liquid Mind Ambience Minimus Chuck Wild CD Lush, ambient synth music for meditation
Liz Story Solid Colors Windham Hill CD 1st album by one of Winham Hill's founding artists
Liz Story Part Of Fortune RCA Victor CD Piano performances with added instruments
Liz Story Unaccountable Effect Windham Hill CD Piano solos w/ synthesist Mark Isham
Locos Bravos Mandala Horizon West CD Two flamenco artists & world music instruments
Loksa Green Adaptor Hypnotic CD Phillip Glass meets Brian Eno sound
Loop Guru Amrita Obscura CD Electro beats and ethno grooves
Loren Nerell Lilin Dewa Side Effects CD World-inspired gamelan music on synths
Lori-Ann Speed In Search Of Wings White Waves CD sweet & contemplative
Lori-Ann Speed In The Wake Of A Whisper White Waves CD uplifting & reflective
Lorna Lee Rendezvous Intentcity CD A sensual lounge driven songs of French lyrics & smooth jazzy grooves.
Los Ninos de Sara Gipsyole Intentcity CD Gipsy flamenco celebrates life, love & dance
Lycia Lycia Live Projekt CD Processed Guitar w/ electronics -- live
Ma Ja Le Dreams In The Orchards... A J Grey CD Live ambient improvisations
Ma Ja Le/Vir Unis Imaginarium Oasis CD Tribal groove dreamscapes - missing back tray covers
Maev Creator's Breath Orfee CD Music to eliminate stress and energize cells
Maev Dream Love Orfee CD Music for healing different body organs
Maev Helios Orfee CD Healing New Age Music
Maev Helios (Used) Orfee CD Healing New Age Music
Maev Lhassa Orfee CD Harmonious space music for healing the body
Maev Mezzo-quartissimo Orfee CD Powerful harmonic space music
Maggie Sansone DANCE UPON THE SHORE Maggie's Music CD Traditonal Celtic instrumental music - missing back tray cover
Maggie Sansone MIST AND STONE Maggie's Music CD  
Maggie Sansone MUSIC IN THE GREAT HALL Maggie's Music CD  
Maggie Sansone TRADITIONS Maggie's Music CD  
Maitreya From The Mothership Council Of Nine CD Space ambient music from the U.K.
Malaysian Pale Nature's Fantasies Celestial Harmonies CD Samba rhythms; electronic soundpaintings
Manish Vyas Sattva: The Essence Of Being White Swan CD Ancient mantras and rich compositions
Manish Vyas/D. Awwad Sufi Splendor White Swan CD Swirling music and sacred incantation - ecstasy!
Mann/Hand GLOBAL WARMING Interworld CD  
MARGA BEAT OF THE OLD BAZAR Akasa CD Chillout lounge music from Macedonia
Mariano Cordoba DE ME ESPIRITU FLAMENCA Odyssey Records CD  
Mariano Cordoba DE MI ALMA FLAMENCA Odyssey Records CD  
Marina Raye Wolf Sister Native Heart CD Native flute with drums, rainstick & nature
Mark Braken Distant Shores Horizon West CD Acoustic instrumentals on original compositions
Mark Powell Wind From The West, The cass.(used) Cotswold Music Cassette A Celtic suite. Rare!
Martin Simpson CLOSER WALK WITH THEE Gourd Music CD  
Mary Anderson Ballade...Voyage A&B CD Celtic harp with environmental sounds
Mary Anderson Celtic Airs Horizon West CD Solo & accompanied Celtic Harp - trad. & original
Mary Anderson Hamadryad Nelson House CD Music inspired by the Earth spirit Hamadryad
MARY BUNDY PEACE & INSPIRATION XXI-Records CD Piano originals; classical favorites;Trad. English
Mary Knickle WHO WILL TAKE THE THRONE Windward CD  
Mary McLaughlin Daughter Of Lir Gourd Music CD Songs of Celtic Mythology for the modern world
Masayuki Koga East Wind Fortuna CD Traditional & originals on the shakuhachi
Mathias Grassow Arcanum Arya CD Includes appearances by Amir Baghiri
Mathias Grassow Dissolution Aurora (Italy) CD Rare, limited edition from a run of 600 only. In special paper package
Mathias Grassow Elixer Grassow CD Rare, very limited edition (100 CDRs) pink edition
Mathias Grassow Himavat Staalplaat CD Limited edition
Mathias Grassow Lanzarote Concert, The (Dbl CD) NO-CD Records CD Double CD
Mathias Grassow Lanzarote-Spirits NO-CD Records CD Ambient music recorded in Spanish Island caves
Mathias Grassow Life Cycle Aquarius CD Spontaneous moods of energy & creativity
Mathias Grassow Namakar Lunar/Amplexus CD Rare, limited edition from Italy in special packaging
Mathias Grassow Himaylaya Grassow CD Rare release with paper photocopy insert
Mathias Grassow/Weise el-Hadra Aquarius CD Sufi whirling dervish music
MATT BALITSARIS EVENING FIRES Raven Recordings CD Uptempo world guitar with other instruments
May/Schimscheimer Magic Marimbas Imagine CD 10 Themes from a New Age on marimbas
Medwyn Goodall Medicine Woman New World CD Trad. South American instrum. celebrate the feminine
Medwyn Goodall Earth Love (Dbl CD) Arylis CD pan flutes/guitar/nature & dolphin sounds
Medwyn Goodall Medicine Woman II New World CD Music about restoring Earth to purity
Medwyn Goodall Nazca, Land Of The Incas Obsucra CD mysterious music using panpipes etc
Medwyn Goodall Siesta Obscura CD romance/relax moods of Mediterranean
Megabyte Island Energy Innovative Communications CD Gregorian takeoffs, jazzy guita,r percussive jams & sensual sax
MEGABYTE POWERPLAY Innovative Communications CD  
Melusine Aqua Path, The NH CD Watery spaces in music
Menzer/Trier Skywalks Fonix Musik CD Flutes, guitars, keyboards & Tablas
Metamora Morning Walk Windham Hill CD Ducilmer & folk instruments; Shaker, Norwegian songs
Mezinek Atmospheres Hi-Bias CD A mixture of New Age, Electronic, Ambient, World & Nature
MIC HOLWIN STARTING TO REMEMBER Lifestyle CD Euro New Age/fusion music from the mid-80s
MICHAEL ASKILL Australian Percussion Celestial Harmonies CD Eclectic percussion performances
Michael Atherton WINDSHIFT Small World CD  
Michael Deep Sea Of Joy Higher Octave CD Harp with other instruments
Michael Genest Ascension Sona Gaia CD  
Michael Genest Crystal Fantasy Sona Gaia CD  
Michael Jones Pianoscapes LP Narada LP Classic Piano New Age album
Michael Jones Seascapes Narada CD  
Michael Jones Sunscapes Narada CD  
Michael Jones Wind And Whispers Narada CD  
Michael Jones Windsong Narada CD  
Michael Mead SPIRIT RISING Purinima Prod. CD  
Michael Stearns THE STORM Spotted Pecary CD Retrospective music by this ambient/synthesizer master
Michael Stearns Ancient Leaves Groove Records CD Deep synths, Kantele & Gregorien Chants
Michael Stearns Collected Thematic Works HOS CD Reissued thematic works 1977-1987
Michael Stearns Encounter Hearts Of Space CD A journey in the key of space (1998)
Michael Stearns Floating Whispers Groove Records CD Moods of different times and places
Michael Stearns Floating Whispers (1st Ed.) Sonic Atmospheres CD Very rare 1st edition
Michael Stearns Lyra Groove Records CD Music for one-of-a kind stringed instrum.
Michael Stearns M'Ocean Groove Records CD 1999 Reissue of classic 1983 release
Michael Stearns M'Ocean (1st Edition) Sonic Atmospheres CD Original 1984 release
Michael Stearns Morning Jewel Groove Records CD Ambient music with nature sounds
Michael Stearns Plunge Groove Records CD Playful music on guitars, sax, flutes, fiddles
Michael Stearns Sacred Site Hearts Of Space CD Collection of field recordings/music from around the globe
Michael Stearns Storm, The Spotted Pecary CD Retrospective music by this ambient/synthesizer master
Michael Stearns Sustaining Cylinders Groove Records CD Textural, meditative backgrounds
Michael Uyttebroek All in All Michel Music Cassette  
Michael Uyttebroek Innocence cass.(used) Michel Music Cassette Rare! Slow, meditative piano pieces
Michael Uyttebroek Spirit Drums Michel Music Cassette  
Michael Uyttebroek CIRCLE Mjjkael Music CD Uptempo M.Uyttebroek & add. drummers
Michael Uyttebroek DISTANT DRUMS APPROACH Mjjkael Music CD  
Michael Uyttebroek Intuitive Rhythms Mjjkael Music CD synergy of African drums & percuss.
Michael Uyttebroek Salome Mjjkael Music CD Piano/synths, very meditative
Michael Uyttebroek Salome (cassette) Mjjkael Music Cassette Piano/synths, very meditative
Michael Uyttebroek Time Vision Mjjkael Music CD African/world percussion with synths
Michael Uyttebroek Time Vision (cassette) Mjjkael Music Cassette African/world percussion with synths
Michael Uyttebroek CIRCLE (cassette) Mjjkael Music Cassette Uptempo M.Uyttebroek & add. drummers
Michael Uyttebroek Drums Of Passion Mjjkael Music CD Senagalise, uptempo drumming
Michael Uyttebroek Drums Of Passion (cassette) Mjjkael Music Cassette Senagalise, uptempo drumming
Micheal Jones After The Rain Narada CD  
Micheal Jones Amber Narada CD  
Micheal Masley Cymbalom Solos Chacra Cassette  
Michel Rubini SECRET DREAMS Essence Records CD  
Michel Sanbourin Techniques de Relaxation 1 BMG CD One the earliest programmatic relaxation albums (1974)
Michel Uyttebroek QUIESCENCE Michel Music Cassette Celestial ambient piano
Michelle Sell SECRET HARBOUR Sugo Records CD  
Middle Earth WELCOME TO MIDDLE EARTH Earth Tune CD  
Miguel Sanchez Thalisma Carbon 7 CD High energy flamenco/jazz pop songs with other world flavours
Mike Griffen Sudden Dark Hypnos CD Griffin's turn on dark ambient
Mike Griffin/A Produce ALTARA Hypnos CD Dark ambient
Mike Oldfield Tubular Bells Virgin CD Ground-breaking instrumental album from 1973
Mike Rowland Fairy Ring, The Sona Gaia CD  
Mike Rowland My Elfin Friends Oreade CD Anthology of Mike's latest CDs - intuitive & improvistational melodies
Mike Rowland Silver Wings Sona Gaia CD  
Mike Rowland Solace Sona Gaia CD  
Mike Rowland The Fairy Ring Antiquity Records Cassette Gentle piano & synthesized strings inspired by nature (1982)
Mike Rowland Tintania, The Fairy Queen Sona Gaia CD  
Miki Petkovski ORIGINS Songland CD Origins" is music in a World/Smooth Jazz with commercial harmonies/melodies
Minam Rinpoche Vajra Songs Raven Recordings CD Tibetan prayers and mantras
Mo Boma Myths Of The Near Future Pt. 2 Extreme CD World fusion music with indigenous music influences
Mourashkin Points Of Light Relaxation Co. CD Synths w/ Siberian horns & thoer instrum.
Mr. Jason Frogman's World Teosto CD Ambient electronic music from Finland
Musica Mystica Joan Of Arc Chacra Music CD 15th century chamber music
MYCHAEL DANNA SIRENS Hearts Of Space CD Bears the influence of both spacemusic and film music
Mychael Danna SKYS Hearts Of Space CD Piano-based ambient music inspired by Canadian skies
Mychael Danna Bounce Varese Sarab. CD Music From The Miramax Motion Picture
Myth Chrous Of Tribes Etherean CD Worldbeat music similar to "Deep Forest"
Mythos Reality Of A Dreamer Higher Octave CD Instrumental/vocal - classical/jazz/pop
Mythos Mythos Higher Octave CD Piano/Guitar & vocals w/ world music
Nancy Bick Clark CHRYSALIS Rising Star CD  
Nawang Khechog KARUNA Domo Records CD  
Nawang Khechog RHYTHMS OF PEACE Sounds True CD  
Nawang Khechog SOUNDS OF PEACE Sounds True CD  
New Earth Music From Canada's West Coast New Earth CD Musical improvs on variety of world instrum.
Nhanda Devi Bridge To Isis Aquarius CD Natural chants create a meditative rhythm
Nhanda Devi Chants From Isis Aquarius CD Mantric sounds in old chuches
NICK PARKIN DESCENT Hic Sunt Leones CD Has $1.00 felt marked on cover and disc
NICK PARKIN GEOMORPHIC RESONANCE Soleilmoon CD Rare limited edition of 500 copies released in 2000.
Nicolas Dodd Timeless Heart Midsummer Music CD Rapturous compositions with classical/contemp. hues
Nik Tyndall Landscape Pictures Sky Music CD German New Age Music inspired by natural landscapes
Nina Postolovskaya ROMANTIC PIANO Sugo CD  
Nina Postolovskaya PIANO SERENADE Sugo CD  
Noirin Ni Riain SOUNDINGS Sounds True CD  
Noirin Ni Riain STOR AMHRAN Sounds True CD  
Nordso, Mikkel Rainbow Travel Fonix Musik CD Music tuned to move through chakras
Northstar Orchestra Ocean Mist Earth Angel CD Classical music with sea sounds
Northstar Orchestra Winds Of The Night Earth Angel CD Classical music with sea sounds
NuSound EROTIC MOODS Neuromusic CD Electronica in the key of eroticism
Oasis Artists BACH FOR RELAXATION Oasis Productions CD  
Oasis Artists OASIS :THE ANTHOLOGY Oasis Productions CD  
Oasis Artists Bach For Relaxation (cassette) Oasis Cassette Air On G String with Ocean Sounds
Oasis Artists Bach For Relaxation (cassette) Chacra Cassette Air On G String with Ocean Sounds
Ohwisha Healing Wind Broken Walls CD An Instrumental Flute CD created for prayer & mediation
Oleg Fesov LALAIKI PAMIR Miramar CD  
One(Izzo, Tino) Four September Suns Chacra Music CD A kaliediscopic guitar journey
Oophoi Mare Imbrium Nextara CD Dark synth washes, subtle noises, deep slow invoke a trance-like soundscape.
Oophoi Spirals Of Time, The (Dbl CD) Aurora CD Rare, limited edition from a run of 500
Orchmaxfieldparrish Tears Faith Strange CD Orchestral ambiance like Arvo Part, Slyvian
Oscar Lopez Dancing On The Moon Fantasy Of Latin Strings CD A very rare early CD by this Canadian flamenco artist
Oscar Lopez SUENOS Fantasy Of Latin CD All original flamenco tracks -- rare!
Owicakeyakapo Spirit Of Song Makoche CD Music for balance & harmony w/ nature
P. Thorton/S. Cragg Tibetan Horn New World CD Music inspired by Tibetan/Buddhist realms
P. White/P. Grill VOYAGE Sugo CD  
P.S. Chaudhuri SOUL OF TABLA, THE Interworld CD  
Pachatusan Inkari Winaypaq Alcione CD Authentic reproduced music of ancient Incas
Pappajohn/Whiteman Harp Dance Horizon West CD Celtic, Spanish & Classical harps with medieval
Pat Clemence Small Sky Breath Music Serenity CD Music to enhance breathing process
Pat Clemence The Promise Serenity CD Textured sounds/mel. to uplift the spirit
Pat Clemence First Light Serenity CD Serene melodies for the heart
Pat Clemence Gentle Music For Massage Serenity CD Healing music for massage & bodywork
Patrick Bernhardt Atlantis Angelis (1st Ed.) Imagine CD A rare 1st Edition of this sankrit-inspired classic
Patrick Bernhardt Reconciliation Imagine CD chants, atmospheric keyboards; pioneering!
Patrick Cassidy Deirdre Of The Sorrows Windham Hill CD Music inspired by 12th cent. Book Of Leinster
Patrick Mimran ROMA Seventh Wave CD  
Patrick O`Hearn Ancient Dreams One Way CD catchy pop rhythms, synth melodies
Patrick O'Hearn Metaphor Deep Cave CD Rhythmic underpinnings & bass
Patrick O'Hearn Between Two Worlds Private Music CD Patrick's 2nd album on Private Music
Patrick O'Hearn TRUST Deep Cave Records CD The first release on the Deep Cave label
Patrick O'Hearn Trust Obscura CD 1st CD on O'Hearn's Deep Cave label
Paul Avgerinos Sky Of Grace EarthSea CD Sensuous, healing , sophisticated and uplifting
Paul Cheneour THE TIME HAS COME RGM Ltd. CD  
Paul Christopher Lavender Arylis CD Soft and melodic piano/string music
PAUL HASLEM SPIRIT OF THE LAND Haslem CD Hammered dulcimer, guitar, flute, tabla, bassoon
Paul Kolbe Energy Of Tai Chi Wu-Way Prod. CD Tracks devoted to Still & Moving Meditations
Paul Kolbe Essence Of Tai Chi Wu-Way Prod. CD Music for still and moving meditation
Paul Kolbe Spirit Of Tai Chi Wu-way Prod. CD Pieces for Still Meditations & Moving Meditations
Paul LaChapelle NIGHTSCAPES Earthaven CD a chorus of nocturnal wildlife
Paul LaChapelle Woodland Summer Earthaven CD Songbirds of early morning & late day
Paul LaChapelle Woodland Summer - 1st Edition Earthaven CD Songbirds of early morning & late day. Rare 1st edition
Paul Lloyd Warner MOUNTAINS MPI CD  
Paul Lloyd Warner OCEANS MPI CD  
Paul Lloyd Warner RAIN FOREST MPI CD  
Paul Lloyd Warner SPIRIT OF PUGET SOUND, THE MPI CD Disc only - cover missing
Paul Lloyd Warner WATERFALLS MPI CD  
Paul Sauvanet Eleusis cassette Rubicon Cassette Rare long out-of-print ambient gem (1993)
Paul Sauvanet TRISTESSE Hearts Of Space CD Five Adagios For Times Of Sorrow
Paul Sauvanet Eleusis Rubicon CD Rare long out-of-print ambient gem (1993)
Paul Sauvanet Nomad HOS CD Classical form & ambient atmospheres
PAUL SERRET BREATHING Paul Serret Cassette Layered harmonics and sounds from the ancient Persian stringed santoor (1985)
Paul Serret Tapis Volant Paul Serret Cassette Persian santur with modern instruments
Paul Speer/David Lanz Desert Vision Narada CD Piano/Guitar (acoustic & electric) from 1986
Paul Sullivan A VISIT TO THE ROCKIES River Music CD  
Paul Sullivan CIRCLE 'ROUND THE SEASONS River Music CD  
Paul Tedeschini The Grace Of Strange Weather Dear Swirl CD Limited 500 edition only -- Canadian ambient music
Paul Vnuk Jr. Silence Speaks In Shadow Hypnos CD Midwest US ambient synth music
PAUL WINTER WINTERSONG Living Muisc CD Traditional songs - Appalachian, English, German, Sweden
Paul Winter Prayer For Wild Things Living Music CD Music with Northern Rockies' mammals
Paul Winter Wolf Eyes Living Music CD Music with dolphins, loons & wolves
PC Davidoff Sage Garland Of Letters Cassette Very quiet tones with Eastern flavours -- Tai Chi, Yoga
PC Davidoff Santosh Garland Of Letters Cassette Very quiet tones with Eastern flavours -- Tai Chi, Yoga
Peacock & Nery DESTINATION Pure & Simple CD  
Peacock, Nery, Pallalay OCEANS Pure & Simple CD  
Peter Ball/Kerry Norman South Archon CD Rare ambient music from Australian label Archon
Peter Buffet Spirit Dance Hollywood CD keyboards with ensemble
Peter Buffey Waiting, The Narada CD  
Peter Elman DAKOTA NIGHTS Acorn CD  
Peter Gabriel Passion Geffen CD Music to Scorces's Last Temtation of Christ
Peter Kater Gateway Silver Wave CD Piano & other instruments
Peter Kater/R. Carlos Nakai Song For Humanity EarthSea CD Souful Native flute, chants w/ lush & eloquent piano
Peter Miller Violet Flame, The Archon CD Eclectic instrumental music from Australia
Peter Pritchard Beginnings Sun Energy CD  
Peter Seiler Flying Frames Innovative Communications CD Rare 1986 release
PHIL THORNTON & H. RAMZY IMMORTAL EGYPT New World CD Collaboration between U.K. musicians & Egyptian performers
Phil Thorton Between Two Worlds New World CD Reflective, refreshing & inviting
Philippe Emmanuel Gueble Fire & Remembrance Mirage CD exquisite ambient atmospheres with electric and acoustic pianos and guitars
Phillip Glass Songs From Liquid Days CBS CD Unusual recording combining classical music with pop songs
Pierre Lescant Plenitude Holborne CD A Gentle chef d'oervre of sythesizers & voice - rare!
Pierre, Francois Return To The Source Prod. Le Chane CD Inspired by nature for children
Povi Life In Volcanoes Netwerk CD Electronica rock/pop music lots of processing
Prem Joshua Dance Of Shakti White Swan dance of shakti cover mantras, sitar, flutes & trancey grooves
Prem Joshua Mudra White Swan CD sitars, santooor, flutes & trancy grooves
Prem Joshua Sky Kisses Earth White Swan CD mantras, santooor, flutes & trancy grooves
Prem Joshua/ M. Vyas Water Down The Ganges White Swan CD India-flavoured music from slow to upbeat
Premartha Tiny Islands Fonix Musik CD Meditation music with soft pop
Propeller Island Garden, The Art Gallery CD Some unusal stuff from this German original
Propeller Island Materia Prima OffScale CD Experimental conceptual art ambient music from Germany
Pruett & Davis Group THE SECOND TIME Rising Star CD  
Pushkar Blue Flame Fonix Musik CD Music for Healing
Pushkar Ding Fonix Musik CD Guitar, bouzouki, pan pipes, synths & perc.
Pushkar Inner Harvest Fonix Musik CD Guitars, bells, pan flute & synths
Quan, Donald Invocata Oasis CD an aural journey through time & culture
Quintana/PaulSpeer Shades Of Shadow Miramar CD New Age fusion by early pioneers
R. Carlos Nakai CANYON TRILOGY Midsummer CD  
R. Carlos Nakai EARTH SPIRIT Midsummer CD  
R. Carlos Nakai Changes Canyou CD Solo native flute compositions
R. Carlos Nakai Desert Dance Celestial Harmonies CD Native flute music inspired by the desert
R. Carlos Nakai Sundance Season Celestial Harmonies CD Native flute music for shamanistic Sun Dance ritual
R. Carlos Nakai/William Eaton Winter Dreams Canyon CD Native flute & Lyre, guitars and shakuhachi
R. Carlos Nakai/William Eaton Carry The Gift (cassette) Canyon Cassette Christmas carols on native flute and harp-guitar
R. Dupere & E. Velle Voyage Chacra Music CD Rich arrangement w/ sensuous vocals Original 1996 Chacra label edition. Rare!
R. Searles/G. Ysalses DANCE OF THE RENAISSANCE Sundown Records CD  
R. Yee/P. Walden A.M. and P.M. Yoga For Beginners Living Arts CD Morning & evening guided yoga exercises
R.Carlos Nakai Changes (cassette) Canyon Cassette Solo native flute music
R.Searles/G.Ysalses DREAM OF THE TROUBADOUR Sundown Records CD  
Radio Massacre International Knutsford In May Centaur CD U.K.'s electronic/guitar group - Live!
Radio Massacre International Organ Harvest Centaur CD U.K.'s electronic/guitar underground group
Rahul Sariputra East Meets East GRD Cassette  
Rajneesh Music Master's Garden, The cass. (used) Rajneesh Music Cassette East/West themes•Celebration with meditation
Ralf Illenberger Heart & Beat Obsucra CD jazzy New Age guitar with a beat
Ralph Bach Angel Kisses Obscura CD orchestral keyboard music of angels
RANDY ANAGNOSTIS DREAMS Noteworthy CD Piano with other instruments
Ranga Tabla Trail, The Aquarius CD Indian tabla with ambient moods
Raphael Music To Disappear In Hearts Of Space CD  
Ravi Shankar Pandit Ravi Shankar Ocora CD  
RAY HICKEY JR. ALIZARIN SKY Oasis CD Folkish & world melodies
Ray Lynch No Blue Thing Windham Hill CD Acoustic/electronic New Age melodies
Ray Lynch No Blue Thing (1st Edition) Music West CD Acoustic/electronic New Age melodies
Ray Lynch The Sky Of Mind Ray Lynch Prod. CD Debut album of heartlfelt music
Ray Lynch DEEP BREAKFAST Music West CD Classic million seller! Rare original Music West 1st edition.
Ray Lynch The Sky Of Mind Obscura CD Debut album of heartlfelt music
Reconciliation TWO STORIES IN ONE Small World CD  
Reinbert de Leeuw Satie: Piano Works Phillips/Eloquence CD Trois Gymnpedies & Gnossiennes
Revival Longest Dream, The Revival CD Goth rock ambient
Rhys Rees Flying Archon CD Australian "classical -inspired" melodies
Richard Burmer Bhakti Point (Rare 1st Edition) Fortuna CD Long, out-of-print, original Fortuna edition
Richard Burmer Mosaic American Gramaphone CD Electronic vignettes with classical touches
Richard Burmer Shining By The River - Collections V.1 Audio Alternatives CD Rare, out-of -print collection by the this talented composer
Richard Burmer TREASURE OF THE SAINTS Miramar CD  
Richard Wahnfried Time Actor IC/Digit CD Experimental electronic music composed by Klaus Schulze
Richard Warner Quiet Heart Narada CD  
Richard Warner Spirit Wind Narada CD  
Richard Warner SPIRIT WIND GRD CD  
Rick Despard Gently Rick Despard Prod. CD  
Rick Kaestler Music For Massage I Antiquity Records Cassette Piano, mandolin, guitar, bamboo flute, voice synthesizer (1982)
Rick Miller Limberlost Caliban Music Cassette Canadian anlogue synth-based ambient music (1983)
Rick Miller Windhaven Caliban Music Cassette Electronic relaxation music
Rick Miller Interstellar Passage Silverbirch CD Relaxing, space music
Rick Miller Starsong Silverbirch CD Relaxing, space music
Rick Monaco Shadows Dance RAM CD Eclectic percussion and many other instruments
Riley Lee Empty Bells Sona Gaia Cassette Traditional honkyoku Zen music for solo shakuhachi (1984)
Riley Lee Oriental Sunrise Sona Gaia Cassette Improvisatory duets for shakuhachi & koto (1984)
Riley Lee & Gabriel Lee Satori: Zen Meditation Music Sona Gaia Cassette Zen meditation music for shakuhachi & koto (1981)
Rizwan Muzzam Qawalli Obscura CD Sufi singing popularized by Nusrat F.A. Khan
Rizwan Quawwali Sacrifice To Love Realworld CD Quawwli singing made famous Nusrat F.A. Khan
Robbie Robertson Heartbeat Drums Song (EP) Capitol CD Robertson with The Red Road Ensemble
Robbie Robertson Music For The Native Americans Capitol CD Film music featuring Kashtin, Douglas Spotted Eagle
Robbie Robertson Robbie Robertson Geffen CD Pop music from former member of The Band
ROBERT GASS CHANT (EP) Spring Hill EP Rare autographed EP containing two tracks from two CDs. 26 minutes
Robert Haig Coxon Jr. Crystal New Age Stories Intermede CD Serene modulations & delicate colourings
Robert Haig Coxon Jr. Cristal Silence III: The Inner Voyage RHC Prod. CD Warm synth textures & graceful melodies for relaxation
Robert Haig Coxon Jr. CRYSTAL NEW AGE STORIES Intermede CD Coxon's healing music on Intermede label (1991), Serene and delicate colourings
Robert Haig Coxon Jr. Cristal Silence RHC Productions Cassette The Ultimate Relaxation - Coxon's first classic release
Robert Macht Suite For Javanese Gamelan & Synth. Semua Hak-hak CD Javanese Gamelan with synths tuned to the same scale
Robert Michaels Paradiso Melaby Music CD elements of flamenco, pop & jazz music
Robert Michaels Utopia Warner Bros. CD 3rd flamenco guitar CD on Warner
Robert Mirabel Nomad - AMI AMI CD Dreaming paths explored on the didgeridoo
Robert Mirabel Song Carrier MTI CD Native American flute music
Robert Rich Below Zero Side Effects CD Rare, excellent dark ambient music. One of his best!
Robert Rich Inner Landscapes Hypnos CD textures and dark ambience
Robert Rich Numena + Geometry HOS CD Remastered edition of 2 CDs together
Robert Rich Rainforest Hearts Of Space CD A polyrhythmic journey into a tropical soundspace
Robert Rich A Troubled Resting Place HOS a troubled resting place album cover A calm surface hiding subterranean turmoil. Pieces from 1993-95
Robert Rich Bestiary Release Entertainment CD Bestiary is soundtrack muzak for inward journeys through the soul
Robert Rich ECHO OF SMALL THINGS Soundscape Prod. CD Autographed
Robert Rich/Alio Die Fissures Hearts Of Space CD A journey into the microcosmic subterranean worlds
Robert Rich/Lustmord Stalker Hearts Of Space CD His best dark ambient CD
Robert Rich/Steve Roach Strata Hearts Of Space CD Music inspired metaphorically by the deep Earth's core
Robert Scott Thompson THE SILENT SHORE Mirage CD  
Robert Scott Thompson Frontier Mirage CD Dark & light ambient music
Robert Slap Atlantis:Heal. Temple Valley Of Sun CD Healing music with colour, light &vibration
Robertson/Rytes/Sell HARVEST MOON Sugo Records CD  
Robin Bullock MIDNIGHT HOWL Maggie's Music CD Celtic instrumental - disc only no cover
Rod Modell / M. Mantra Sonic Continuum Hypnos CD Early ambient release on Hypnos
Rodrigo Rodriguez Beyond The Times Kazane Records CD All acoustic performance featuring shakuhachi and other world instruments
Rodrigo Rodriguez INNER THOUGHTS Kazane Records CD Shakuhachi, guitar, two vocal tracks, Tibetan bowls and didgeridoo
Rodriguez Rodrigo Across The East KZN across the east album cover Japanese music with other world flavours
Roger Eno Swimming Gyroscope CD Trad. songs, acoustic inst. & ambient moods
Roger St-Denis MOMENTS OF FREEDOM Perception CD uptempo instrumental music
Roland Hanneman Whales Eco-Voayge CD Piano & flute accompany a chorus of whales
Ron Boots Different Stories & Twisted... Cue Records CD Euro-electronic music based on narratives
Ron Boots Tainted Bare Skin Groove Unlimited CD Electronic music from The Netherlands
Ron Boots Too Many Secrets Groove Records CD 74 minute eletronic soundworld for relaxation
Ron Korb Behind The Mask (Used) Oasis CD A kaleidoscopic world music journey
Ron Korb Celtic Heartland RK Prod. CD Mystic landscapes & Celtic tradition
Ron Korb Flute Traveller Oasis Productions CD Solo world flute improvisations
Ron Korb Japanese Mysteries (Used) Oasis Productions Ltd. CD unveils the mystery of ancient Japan
Ron Korb Japanese Mysteries cass. (Used) Oasis Productions Ltd. Cassette unveils the mystery of ancient Japan
Ron Korb Ron Korb Live Humble Dragon CD A hybrid of World music and Jazz recorded live
Ron Korb Tear Of The Sun Ron Korb Productions CD A melodic setting of an original fable
Ron Korb TEAR OF THE SUN Oasis Productions CD Music inspired by ancient Asian fables
Ron Korb Titanic Odyssey Alcione CD Collection of Celtic & original songs
Rosemary Phelan REMEMBRANCE Ruby Records Cassette  
Rosenfeld R. Moussa Dance Into Trance Aquarius CD Morrocan trance music
Runes Order Land Of Silence Sempiterna Mutatio CD Imported from Italy (Stefano Musso's label)
Runestone Mysteries   CD music inspired by ancient myths
Rusty Crutcher Haven't We Met Spring Hill CD Sax-based instrumental originals
Rusty Crutcher Machu Picchu Impressions Emerald Green CD Music with nature sounds from Machu Picchu
Rusty Crutcher Chaco Canyon Emerald Green CD music/nature from sacred Chaco Canyon
Rusty Crutcher Isle Of Avalon Emerald Green CD music/nature from sacred Glastonbury
Rusty Crutcher Ocean Eclipse Emerald Green CD Music recorded over sounds of total eclipse
Rusty Crutcher Amazon Song Emerald Green CD The sounds of the Amazon Jungle harmonize with relaxing music
Rusty Crutcher Serpent Mound Emerald Green CD music/nature from sacred Serpent Mound
Ruth Fazal Songs From The River V.1 Ruth Fazal Cassette Instrumental music for your quiet, reflective times played on violin
RUTH FINLAY BORDERLANDS, THE Jesse Records CD Songs of sorrow, prayer &hope
S. GORDON/D. MARTIN ANCIENT POWER Sequoia Records CD Music inspiried by the White Mountain Apache tribe's hisrtory and culture
S.D. King/Be-Attitude Wild Prayer Raven Recordings CD 5 Rhythms Dance Music
Sage Treasured Moments Vol. IV Syner-Chi Music CD Piano versions of Chariots Of Fire, Arthur's Theme and many others.
SALVADOR CANDEL ALMA Biosound CD Relaxation music from Spain
Sama Ensemble Authentic Music Of Persian... Sama Cassette Rare release of Iranian classical music
Sambodhi Prem Mirror Of The Sun Tao Music CD Acoustic textures of sound with flutes, guitars & Piano
Sanctuary V.2 Fire In The Sky EMI CD Thunderstoms with music
Sandford Ponder Etosha Private Music CD Very rare and long out-of-print
Sandford Ponder Tigers Are Brave Private Music CD Traces of violins & other acoustic instrum.
SANDHAN HAIKU Fonix Musik CD Refreshingly alive, dreamy and energizing
Sangre de America Civilizacion Alcione CD Exploration of civilization in the Americas
SARA AYERS SYLVATICA Dark Wood CD Nature Inspired from Upstate N.Y.
Sativa Elysian Fields Chacra Music CD well crafted keyboard compositions
Sayama Reiki Hands Aquarius CD Music for healing hands missing front cover
Schawkie Roth Dance Of Tao Heavenly Music Cassette  
Schawkie Roth Dance of the Tao GRD Cassette  
Schawkie Roth Golden Flowers GRD Cassette  
Schawkie Roth Love the Earth GRD Cassette  
Schawkie Roth Mother of Pearl GRD Cassette  
Schawkie Roth Rainbow Ray of the Masters GRD Cassette  
Schawkie Roth Songs of Eternity GRD Cassette  
Schawkie Roth You Are The Ocean Heavenly Music CD  
Schawkie Roth You Are The Ocean II Heavenly Music CD  
Scott Cossu Islands Windham Hill CD Scott's piano is supplemented by jazz instrumentalists
SCOTT FITZGERALD/ W.WOO SOJOURN Serenity CD Music of the heart for piano and orchestra
Sea Horses Listen Mandala CD Songs with world instruments & Celtic flavours
Sense Field Tonight And Forever Nettwerk CD Tightly produced energetic rock songs drenched in melody
Shadowfax LIVE Sonic Images CD  
Shaun Rigney Wetland Terra Australia CD Ambient nature textures form down-under
Shawndeya GREAT MOTHER, THE . Atmospheric Alchemy CD Healing music
Shawndeya SHINING ANGEL ... Acoutic Alchemy CD Concert harp with nature sounds
Shawndeya Surfing The Alpha Wave Atmos. Alchemy CD Healing harp with ocean waves
Shelley Philips PAVANE Gourd Music CD  
Shelley Philips FAIRIE ROUND, THE Oasis Productions CD Celtic Harp w/ other world flavours
Shelley Philips Pavane cass. Gourd Music CD Arrangements for Harp & other instruments
Shiho Purple Sails HOS CD Melodic Japanese inspired electronic music
Sissy Goodhouse THE THIRD CIRCLE Makoche CD  
SISSY GOODHOUSE TIWAHE Makoche CD American Indian/Lakota songs about women
Sky Canyon/Marcus Allen Breathe Sona Gaia CD  
Sky Dancing Nada Masala V. 1 Interchill CD compilation of trance/dance/ambienty groov
Soham Of Shadows & Symbols BeZed Prod. CD Native flutes, guitar, percusssion-- world folk
Sol Peterson Mana Sun Energy Cassette Rare! Instrumental music from New Zealand label. (1986)
Spencer Brewer Shadow Dancer Sona Gaia Cassette Instrumental music with keyboards & other instruments (1984)
Spencer Brewer Where Angels Dance Sona Gaia CD  
Spirit Of Science Spirit Of Science Northern Sky CD Liquid guitar and keyboard atmospherics
Stairway Raindreaming Oasis CD a journey for the dreaming imagination
Stephen Bacchus Ambient Origins Mirage CD Etheral synths
Stephen Bacchus Lost Highway, The Antiquarius EP inspired by travels in the Canadian sub-arctic Taiga
Stephen Bacchus Soundings From The Sub-basement Antiquarius EP visionary soundworlds beyond the realm of music
Stephen Bacchus BARDO Oasis Productions CD Inspired by the "Bardo Thodol"
Stephen Bacchus Etherium: Music Meditations Akasa CD Six music meditations for reaching inner space
Stephen Bacchus Ancient Mysteries Oasis CD Inspired by ancient civilizations and lost civilizations
Stephen Bacchus Ancient Mysteries (cassette) Oasis Cassette Inspired by lost civilizations
Stephen Bacchus Bardo (cassette) Oasis Cassette Inspired by the "Bardo Thodol"
Stephen Bacchus PANGAEA Oasis PANGAEA - Stephen Bacchus Music of Earth's prehistoric origins
Stephen Bacchus Pangaea (cassette) Oasis Cassette Music of Earth's prehistoric origins
Stephen Bacchus/Danna & Clement Wilderness Mysterium Earthaven CD A Journey into the mysterious heart of the wilderness
Stephen Bacchus/Danna & Clement Waterhaven Earthaven CD Music Inspired by the water element
Stephen Bacchus/Danna & Clement Evening Sky Musictheme CD Melodic/Ambient music for stargazing
STEPHEN CAUDEL WINE DARK SEA Coda CD The story of man's struggle to come to with own destiny. Rare!
Stephen Kent LANDING City of Tribes CD  
Stephen Micus Darkness & Light ECM CD World music featuring the Kortholt
Stephen Micus Music Of Stones, The ECM CD Music created using resonating stones
Stephen Micus Ocean ECM CD World music featuring the Japanese Sho
STERN/TABOADA ALKYMIA Alcione CD Enya-like vocals/ethnic sounds
Steve Bergman Lullabies From Around The World GRD Cassette  
Steve Bergman Slumberland GRD Cassette  
Steve Bergman Sweet Baby Dreams GRD Cassette  
Steve Jollife Omni Horizon Music CD Euro-synth electronic music by Lightwave member
Steve Jollife Space Horizon Music CD Euro-synth electronic music on the theme space
Steve Reid BAMBOO FOREST Sugo CD  
Steve Roach Core Timeroom CD Organic fractal grooves with Vir Unis
Steve Roach Darkest Before Dawn Timeroom CD A deep zone world of no beginning & no end
Steve Roach Day Of Out Time Timeroom CD Ambient music to the DVD of the same name
Steve Roach Dreamtime Return (Dbl CD) 1st Edition Fortuna CD Double CD masterpiece of Australian dreamtime
Steve Roach Lost Pieces, The (1st Ed.) Rubicon CD 1st edition compilation of earlier Roach pieces
Steve Roach Magnificent Void, The Hearts Of Space CD Deep, dark, void-like soundzones
Steve Roach Origins Fortuna CD Didgeridoo & other world instruments
Steve Roach Streams & Currents Projekt CD Steve Roach using ambient electric guitars
Steve Roach Structures From Silence Celestial Harmonies CD An early classic by the master of ambient soundworlds
Steve Roach Texture Maps Timeroom Editions CD Lost Pieces V. 3 -- A collection of ambient/textural music
Steve Roach ATMOSPHERIC CONDITIONS Timeroom CD Five intoxicating soundworlds
Steve Roach The Lost Pieces Projekt CD Compilation of earlier Roach pieces
Steve Roach Slow Heat Timeroom CD Night-time desert habitat music
Steve Roach ALL IS NOW Timeroom Editions CD Live 2002 recordings from Sedona, Portland, Oakland and San Francisco
Steve Roach ARTIFACTS Celestial Harmonies CD Australian & electronic/ambient fusion
Steve Roach Artifacts Obscura CD Australian & electronic/ambient fusion
Steve Roach DREAMING NOW...THEN(Dbl) Celestial Harmonies CD Retrospective 2 Disc set
Steve Roach Light Fantastic Hearts Of Space CD ambient textures & fractal grooves
Steve Roach ON THIS PLANET Hearts Of Space CD Studio recording inspired by on-the-edge concert explorations
Steve Roach Pure Flow Timeroom CD Essential flow of atmospheric Soundscapes
Steve Roach Pure Flow (Used) Timeroom CD Essential flow of atmospheric Soundscapes
Steve Roach Quiet Music 1 Fortuna Cassette A collection of pieces created in respect for silence
Steve Roach Quiet Music 3 cass. Fortuna Cassette The 3rd cassette in the original Quiet Music series (Rare!)
Steve Roach Structures From Silence cass. Fortuna Cassette The album that put Steve on the map
Steve Roach Truth and Beauty Timeroom CD A collection of lost pieces
Steve Roach Dream Circle Timeroom CD An infinite repeat soundworld
Steve Roach & Friends Ambient Expanse, The Mirage CD Five movement work of pure atmospheric music
Steve Roach & Friends The Ambient Eclipse Mirage CD dark soundspaces & ethereal realms
Steve Roach, Jorge Reves and Saiz Suspended Memories, Forogotten Gods Hearts Of Space CD Deep, sub-concsious, tribal ambient
Steve Roach/Hudson Sound Of The Earth Projekt CD Austalian didg with deep ambience
Steve Roach/Jorge Reyes Vine, Bark & Spore Timeroom CD Tribal-grooves; acoustic & electronic
Steve Roach/Kevin Braheny/Michael Stearns Desert Solitaire Celestial Harmonies CD Desert-Inspired ambient music by three masters
Steve Roach/Kevin Braheny/Richard Burmer Western Spaces Chameleon CD Extremely rare 1st edition, includes Burmer tracks
Steve Roach/Michael Stearns Kiva HOS CD Native chant/textures & ambient soundworlds
Steve Roach/Robert Rich Soma HOS CD Rhythms from the Earth's memories
Steve Roach/Vidna Obmana Ascension Of Shadows(limied edition) Projekt CD Rare out-of-print triple CD
STEVE ROACH/VIDNA OBMANA WELL OF SOULS Projekt CD Classic collaboration of these two ambient masters (1995)
STEVE ROACH/VIDNA OBMANA Cavern Of Sirens Projekt CD With appearances by Roger King (bass guitar) and Tupten Nyandak (Buddhist chant).
STEVE ROACH/VIDNA OBMANA Live Archive Projekt CD Live performances from their 1997 tour
Steven Pasero ZEBRA Sugo Records CD  
Steven Pasero NUTCRACKER Sugo CD  
Steven Pasero SEASONS Sugo Records CD  
Steven Pasero SONGS FOR THE WILD Sugo Records CD  
Stillpoint Maps Without Edges Beyond CD Organic & textural from the U.K.
Strunz & Farah Mosaico Mesa CD Flamenco guitar with Iranian flourishes
Sue Richards GREY EYED MORN Maggie's Music CD  
Sue Richards HAZEL GROVE Maggie's Music CD Music for Celtic Harp - missing back cover tray
Sue Richards MORNING AIRE Maggie's Music CD  
Susan Mazer The Fire In The Rose Sona Gaia CD  
Suvarna This Dewdrop World White Swan CD Delicate musical acknowledgment of life's beauty
SUZANNE CIANI SEVEN WAVES Private CD Debut release of healing music on the Private Music label (1985)
Suzanne Ciani DREAM SUITE(Reg.) Seventh Wave Prodn. CD  
Suzanne Ciani PIANISSIMO II Seventh Wave Prodn. CD  
Suzanne Ciani SEVEN WAVES Seventh Wave Prodn. CD  
Suzanne Ciani DREAM SUITE(Bonus Multi) Seventh Wave Prodn. CD  
Suzanne Ciani Velocity Of Love Seventh Wave Prodn. CD healing piano and keyboard melodies
Synergy Sequencer Obscura CD unpredictable, electronic instrumentals
Syntonic Research Tintinnabulation Atlantic CD low frequency contemplative sound
T. MIDDLETON & M. PRITCHARD GLOBAL COMMUNICATION Dedicated CD U.K. ambient/electronic music
T. O'Keef/J. Wai Holiday Moods Neurodisc CD Xmas music with lush arrangements & ambient layers
T. Schroeder-Sheker Rosa Mystica Celest. Harmomies CD Music inspired by the theme of roses
T. Wasinger/J. Harvey Track to Bumbliwa Silver Wave CD Didjeridoo with other world sounds
Tama Nostalgie Realworld CD n'goni (gourd harp) with other instruments
Tangerine Dream 220 VOLT LIVE Miramar CD  
Tangerine Dream DREAM MIXES, THE Miramar CD  
Tangerine Dream ROCKOON Miramar CD  
Tangerine Dream Tangerine Dream: An Introduction To... Sanctuary CD  
Tangerine Dream TYRANNY OF BEAUTY Miramar CD  
Tani Senzan Zen Spirit Oasis CD shakuhachi solos in the style of Zen priests
Tani Senzan/T. Yoko Evening Snow (cassette) Oasis Cassette Melodic Music on Koto & Shakuhachi
Tani Senzan/Tanaka Yoko Evening Snow Oasis CD Melodic music on koto & shakuhachi
Tani Senzan/Tanaka Yoko Evening Snow 1st edition (cassette) Oasis Cassette Melodic Music on Koto & shakuhachi
Tania Rose CORAL SEA DREAMING Small World CD  
Taramala SPIRIT OF THE WHALE Dawn Awkening CD  
Tariq The Fire and the Rose Tariq Cassette Egyptian and Sephardic songs played on The Oud, other Middle East instruments
Tashi Jong Community Tibetan Buddhism Nonesuch CD Traditional chanting and Tibetan instruments
Telek Serious Tam Obscura CD Beautiful songs from Papua, New Guinea
Terry Oldfield Australia:Dreamtime Twil. New World CD Worldbeat melodies on the didgeridoo
The Mohannos Nay By Day Aquarius CD Middle-East music with the nay flute
The Mohannos Nay By Night Aquarius CD Middle-East music with the nay flute
The Silk Orchestra Tai Chi Music Oasis CD Inspired by martial arts and Tai Chi
The Silk Orchestra THE SILK ORCHESTRA Oasis CD Inspired by martial arts and Tai Chi
THE SILK ORCHESTRA TAI CHI MUSIC Hara Music CD Inspired by martial arts and Tai Chi
THE SILK ORCHESTRA THE SILK ORCHESTRA Hara Music CD Inspired by martial arts and Tai Chi
THE SILK ORCHESTRA THE SILK ORCHESTRA cassette Oasis Cassette Inspired by martial arts and Tai Chi
Thea Year Of The Wicca Aquarius CD The atmosphere of invocations & ritual
Thom Brennan Beneath Clouds Arya CD Rare Italian reissue w/ Steve Roach
Thom Brennan Mountains Rubicon CD Music produced by Steve Roach
Tibetan Institute Nangma Toshey Voyager CD Light classical folk and dance music of Tibet
TIM CLEMENT WOLFSONG NIGHT Chacra CD rootsy, unvarnished musical narrative
Tim Clement Waterstation Chacra Music CD exotic, electronic & ethnic influences
Tim Cross Classic Landscape Coda Records CD Very rare CD from the U.K. (1986)
Tim Story In Another Country Eurock CD Euro-ambient music
Tim Walters Dry Well, The Core Dump CD Music on the African instrument, Kalimba
Timmermans Life As We Know It Higher Octave CD Rock, jazz, classical world celebrating Earth
Tino Izzo Foreign Skies Chacra Music CD exquisite balance of warmth & emotion
Tino Izzo Nostalgia Trails Chacra Music CD "best of the best" guitar music
Tino Izzo Christmas Chacra CD Seasonal favourites by this Quebec guitarist. Cover corner clipped.
Tino Izzo BLUE DESIRES Chacra CD Compelling fusion guitar & inviting atmospheres
Tobias Rainforest Rhapsody Shaman Mystique CD Balinese nature sounds & music
Toby Mountain Waterfall: Hawaii Rykodisc CD A small Hawaiian waterfall for 60 minutes
TODD FLETCHER STAR ARYA CD Rare 1994 release on the ARYA label
Tom Klower Sound Pictures Aquarius CD World percussion & ethno-trance
Tomoko Sunazaki Tegota Fortuna CD Traditional Japanese music on the koto
Tony Elman DURANGO SALOON Acorn CD  
Tony Elman SWINGING ON A GATE Acorn CD  
Tor Dietrichson Global Village Global Pacific CD Rare CD from the defunct label Global Pacific (1987)
Torkom Sarayadarian A TOUCH OF HEART Starfire CD Piano Originals
Trance Mission MEANWHILE City Of Tribes CD  
Trance Mission TRANCE MISSION City Of Tribes CD  
Tubb/Fields LAMENTO DI DIDONE Aeolian CD  
Tulku Transcendence Triloka CD Various world music traditions blended with trance music
TUU All Our Ancestors Waveform CD Tribal ambient
TUU Mesh Obscura CD Hypnotic clay drums, flutes synths
TUU One Thousand Years SDV CD Very rare German 1st edition
Two by Two PUR TI MIRO Aeolian CD  
Uknown Circus Is Coming, The Klavier CD Circus music for the calliope - 24 Bit digital
Vangelis Blade Runner EastWest CD Spacey snyth track s to this cult sci-fi classic
Vangelis Chariots Of Fire Polydor CD Academy Award, Best Original Score 1981
Vangelis China Polydor CD Synth textures; stately rhythms evoke China
Vangelis L'apocalypse des Animaux Polydor CD One of his earliest albums of sound paintings
Vangelis Reprise 1990-1999 EastWest CD A collection of works spanning a decade
Vangelis Themes Polygram CD Classic and best themes from his movie sountrks.
Various A Journey To The Andes PerforMAX CD Traditional Andean folk music
Various ALCIONE COLLEZIONE I Alcione CD Compilation of New Age and Worldbeat
Various Ambient Nation Art For Ears CD Compilation of mainly Dutch ambient artists
Various An Introduction To New World Music V.1 New World CD A sampler of music from the New World Music Labal (U.K.) 1998
Various ANGEL'S NOEL Sugo Records CD  
Various Any Octave: Music For ... Higher Octave CD Music for computer users incl. Willam Aura; EKO
Various ARABESQUE Hearts Of Space Cassette Sensuous journey through Middle East soundworlds
Various Archon: Ambient Vol. 1 Archon CD A compilation of Australian artists
Various Assemblage V.1 Extreme CD Mostly European artists (Schutze, Shultz) on this compilation
Various Bachelor In Paris, A EMI CD Hi-fi fashion ensembles with a French flair
Various Balkan Journeys Close To Home Golden Horn CD Balkan instrumental folk melodies
Various Beautiful Melodies Of South America Brisa CD Beautiful Melodies Of South America
Various Bellydance Mystique Master Song CD Over 1 hour music from the Middle East
Various Berceuses Imagine CD A compilation of instrumental music for children
Various BERCEUSES: IMAGINE COMPILATION Imagine CD A compilation of instrumental music for children. Tracks by Patrick Bernhardt.
Various Best of Both Worlds, The Audion CD Rare second sampler from Audion Label (1987)
Various Brave Hearts Narada CD Traditional & Original Celtic melodies
Various Buddha Cafe Intentcity CD Blissful beats & spiritual chillout
Various CELESTIAL JOURNEY Rising Star CD  
Various Celtic Aura Gael-linn CD Celtic collection of Irish performers
Various Celtic Dawn Holbourne CD Flutes & other instrumental combinations
Various Celtic Skye Lavender Hill CD Traditional & original Celtic/Irish tunes
Various Celtic Spirits 3 (Dbl) Sony Music CD A who's who of European Celtic artists
Various Celtic Spirits: World Tour (Dbl CD) Sony/BMG CD Includes tracks from many Celtic artists from around the world incl. Clannad
Various Chacra Sampler Chacra CD 10th anniversary compilation
Various CINEMA Sugo Records CD  
Various Cruisers 1.0 Hearts Of Space CD Early comp for crusing through space not slow, not too fast
Various Dimensions Imagine CD rare collection from the Imagine label
Various Divination Distill (Dbl CD) Submeta CD Compilation incl. P.Schutze, P. Namlook & B. Laswell
Various Dreams| Rêves PolyMedia CD A chillout compilation incl. Enigma, Deep Forest, Gipsy Kings
Various Earthtone Collection 2 Earthtone Records CD Contemporary jungle beats and ambient grooves
Various The Emporers of Africa(Dbl.) Wrasse Records CD Ladysmith Black Mambazo & others (Dbl CD)
Various ENCHANTED X MAS Sugo Records CD  
Various Erdenklang Music Erdenklang CD Rare 1987 sampler from German label
Various EVENT HORIZON, THE City of Tribes CD  
Various Explore Columbia CD New rock 1998 compilation from Sony Music
Various FOREST CATHEDRALS Rising Star CD  
Various From Here To Tranquility V.2 Silent CD Rare Ambient/trance compilation from 1993
Various Frosty Waveform CD A bit of ambience coloring the mood and touches of jazz
Various Future Perfect All Saints CD Ambient/New Age compilation include Brian Eno
Various GABRIEL'S CROSSING Turtle Island CD Aboriginal fiddling music from Canada
Various Gagaku King Records CD Gagaku is the oldest ochestral music in the world - rare!
Various GROOVIN' HIGH VOL.1 Sonic Images CD  
Various Gypsy Soul Narada CD Performances by Otmar Leibart, Cook & more
Various Healing Meditation Aquarius CD Tibetan Mantras, Prayers, pujas etc.
Various HEARTKEYS Rising Star CD  
Various Honeymoon Suite V.1 Diventa CD  
Various Honeymoon Suite V.2 Diventa CD  
Various The Incredible Invincible Sampler GRD CD  
Various Infinessence Interchill CD Compilation of chillout/ambient groove
Various Is There Anybody Out There? SMD CD The best of British synthesizer music
Various Japan Odyssey Oasis CD traditional/contemporary Music
Various Lifestyle Sampler V.1 Lifestyle CD European New Age from the mid-80s
Various Living Music 2001 (Dbl. CD) CMC CD Double CD of Canadian new music
Various Lucid Dreaming NAMA CD Tracks by European artists incl. Annie Locke
Various Mambo Fever EMI CD Eighteen sizzling Latin dnace favourites
Various Miaow! Big Cat CD Rare compilation CD includes tracks by Paul Schutze
Various Miramar Collection 1 Miramar CD Spirited and complex, full of motion and somehow relaxing and meditative.
Various Miramar Collection 2 Miramar CD A collection of instrumentals from Miramar
Various Music Of Bali & Indonesia MasterSong CD Folk/pop with traditional music elements
Various Music Of Islam V.5 Celestial Harmonies CD Aissaoua Sufi Ceremony Music from Morocco
Various Northern Circuits Interchill CD Electronic ambient music from nine Canadian artists
Various NUTCRACKER SUITE Sugo Records CD  
Various OASIS Explorer, The Oasis oasis explorer album cover Rare tracks by Stephen Bacchus & Stairway
Various OASIS: The Anthology Oasis oasis the anthology album cover Selections from best-selling albums incl. rare tracks by Bacchus & Calverley
Various OASIS: The Anthology cass. Oasis Cassette Rare tracks by Korb, Bacchus & Calverley
Various Officium tenebrarum Celest. Harmomies CD Gregorian chants for Easter
Various Omni V3: Planet Earth DCC CD Contemporary instum. compilation
Various Omni V4: Deep Space DCC CD Mostly ambient space music
Various Other World, The (Dbl CD) Hypnos CD Excellent 2-CD compilation
Various Rudraksha Aquarius CD  
Various Sacred Spirit Virgin CD Native American chants and Ambient Groove rhythms
Various Sacred Spirits Virgin Records CD Native chants with ambient groove accompaniment
Various Sam The Record Man Narada Collection Narada CD Includes tracks by David Arkenstone, Tingstad & Rumbel, Michael Jones
Various SEASHORE SOLITUDE Rising Star CD  
Various Shakti Raven Recordings CD Includes a track by Deva Premal
Various Shiatsu New World CD Ideal for professional therapists
Various Sky Dancing Dakini Records CD A dance, trance, chillout compilation
Various Slow Music For Fast Times(Dbl) HOS CD Chillout Classics from 80s &90s HOS catalogue
Various So King Records CD Very rare traditional Japanese music on King Records
Various Songs In The Key Of X Warner CD X-Files inspired tracks by Costello, Eno, Crow & more
Various SONGS OF THE CREE NATION Turtle Island CD Various songs of the Cree nation from Canada
Various Soundscape Gallery 2 Lektronic Soundscapes CD Fairly rare ambient compilation from the early 90's
Various Soundscape Gallery V.3 Lektronic Soundscapes CD Ambient sound magic,Tracks by Tim Story, Loren Norell, Ron Boots & others
Various Space Capades EMI CD Atomic Age audities and HI-FI hi-jinks
Various Spring Stream St. Clair CD Spring stream sounds with music
Various Starflight 1 Hearts Of Space CD A rare early compilation from HOS radio - long out-of-print
Various Sun Energy Music Sampler 1987 Sun Energy Music sun energy album cover A sampler of music from the New Zealand labed Sun Energy
Various Swarm Of Drones (Dbl CD) Asphodel CD Dark ambient double CD compilation from 1995
Various Tao Music Vol. 1 Tao Music CD Music for meditation, celebration & healing
Various Terra Australia Rising Star CD A compilation from the Aussie label, Terra Australia - Rare!
Various The Beatiful Melodies Of South America Brisa CD Packaged in unusal round tin case
Various THE WIRE TAPPER V.14 The Wire CD Compilation of Avant Guarde tracks from mainly U.K. labels
Various The Throne Of Drones Asphodel CD Dark ambient compilation from 1995
Various TRACKS IN TIME Spotted Peccary CD  
Various The Tradition Of Gregorian Chant Archiv CD Authentic Gregorian chant
Various Trance Planet V.III Triloka CD Worldbeat mixes of traditional chants
Various TV Town EMI CD Prime-time tunes from the tube
Various Twilight Earth: Intl. Soiree Timebase CD Tracks by Roach, Obmana, Schutze & more
Various Universe Sampler '90 Hearts Of Space CD Compilation from 1990, incl. rare track by Japan's Shiho
Various Voices Across The Canyon V1 Canyon CD A compilation from Canyon's archives
Various Voices Across The Canyon V2 Canyon CD Native American flute music and more!
Various Voyager: ... Ambient Species AsAstra CD 1997 ambient music with tracks by Viridian Sun, Lycia, Ambient Temple Of Imagination
Various Weaving The Strands Obscura CD Female vocal music of Native America
Various Weightless, Effortless Hypnos CD Early Ambient compilation from the Hypnos label
Various Windham Hill Sampler`89 Windham Hill CD A classic early Windham Hill compilation
Various The World of Private Music Private Music CD First compilation of Private Music Label
Various XMAS CLASSICS Sugo Records CD  
Various Yugoslavia:Serbie... Ocora CD Folk songs of the Serbian region
Various Zimbabwe: The Soul Of Mbira Nonesuch CD Music performed on the African thumb piano, the mbira
Various Cascading Waterfalls St. Clair CD Waterfalls with music
Various Soul Of The Machine Windham Hill CD A rare, early 1987 compilation
Velez/Levy BORDER STATES Interworld CD  
VENJA RAPTURE! Innovative Communications CD Live tracks from planetarium concerts
Vidhano Secret Lake Obscura CD Relaxing synth & nature music
Vidna Obmana Revealed Composed By Nature Hic Sunt Leones CD Subtle organic and textured ambient music - Obmana's 1st
Vidna Obmana Twilight Of Perception Projekt CD Textural ambient soundscapes
Vidna Obmana Landscape In Obscurity Hypnos CD Re-constructed music for an ambient work
Vidna Obmana SHADOWING IN SORROW (1ST EDITION) I.S.P. CD Original 1991 release that later was reissued as part of "The Trilogy"
Vidna Obmana Subterranean Collective Obscura CD 3 classic albums in a Double CD!
Vidna Obmana/A. Tietchins Motives For Recycling (Dbl CD) Soleilmoon Recordings CD Double CD
Vidna Obmana/Brennan Lane Deep Unknown Brannan Lane CD Space ambient
Vidna Obmana/Jeff Pearce True Stories Mirage CD Music of light and darkness
Vidna Obmana/Sam Rosenthal Terrace Of Memories Projekt CD Music of light & darkness by Projekt label founder
Vidna Obmana/Tom Brennan/Steve Roach Amplexus: Collected Works Projekt/Amplexus CD Collected works from the 1995 Ltd Series
Vir Unis The Drift Inside Greenhouse Music CD Deep ambient atmospheres produce by Steve Roach
Vir Unis Aeonian Glow Greenhouse CD His second release on the Greenhouse Music label
Viridian Sun Perihelion Hypnos CD Improvised synths and treated guitars
Viridian Sun SOLAR NOISE Hypnos CD 1996 release by this Oregon ambient duo
Vision Earth Earth Vision Aquarius CD Instrumental fusion music - missing back cover
Volker Cat THE PACE OF PEACE Dawn Awakening CD  
Vox Hermetica Spirit Dances Heritic Music CD Keyboard music with eclectic sensibilities
Waterbone Tibet Intentcity CD Global grooves with authentic Tibet flavour
WAVE WORLD SPECIES Quantum CD Electronic music from The Netherlands
Wendy Carlos Clockwork Orange (Complete) East Side Digital CD The complete soundtrack to the classic film
Wendy Carlos Clockwork Orange (Original) Warner Bros. CD The abridged soundtrack to the classic film
WENDY CARLOS SONIC SEASONINGS (Dbl CD) East Side Digital CD One of the earliest classic electronic/ambient double albums
Westwind Ensemble Music for Lord Of The Rings BCI Eclipse CD An atmospheric & virtuosic delight!
Will Millar Celtic Reverie Chacra Music CD Celtic tunes from Ireland
Will Millar Celtic Seasons Of Enchantment Chacra Music CD Inspired by the Celtic calendar - missing cover
Will Millar The Lark In The Clear Aire Chacra CD Instrumental collection of Celtic Aires
Will Millar /Paul Horn Journey Of The Celts Chacra Music CD Music exploring Irish/Celtic history
William Ackerman In Search Of Turtle's Navel Windham Hill CD The CD credited with starting New Age Music
William Aura Half Moon Bay Higher Octave CD Crossover divergent music - world, ambient, keyboards
William Coulter CELTIC CROSSING Gourd Music CD  
William Coulter/B. Phillips Simple Gifts cassette Gourd Music Cassette Instrumental arrangements of Shaker melodies
William Ellwood Openings Narada CD  
William Ellwood Renaissance Narada CD  
Wind Machine Change Of Face Blue Meteor CD distinctive, timeless melodies on many inst.
Woschek/Kamprad Shalom Salam Aquarius CD Jewish & Islamic mantra music
Xcultures One World One People Intentcity CD Eclectic songs spanning intl. spectrums
Yanni Chameleon Days Private Music CD high energy cruising pieces & evocative ballads
Yanni Out Of Silence Private Music CD His first album of orch. electronic music
Yanni Out Of Silence (1st. Edition) Private Music CD The dubut CD by the most successful New Age artist
Young American Prim. YOUNG AMERICAN PRIMITIVE City Of Tribes CD  
YULARA ALL IS ONE Epic CD World beat music from shores around the globe
Yulara Cosmic Tree Higher Octave Music CD Exotic instruments, voice percussion & nature sounds
Yulduz Usmanova ALMA ALMA Miramar CD  
Yu-Xiao Guang KITARO'S WORLD OF MUSIC Domo Records CD  
Zero Ohms/Brennan Lane Soundfall To The Infinite SpaceForMusic CD Synths, world flutes & percussion
Zhangar Mongolian Epic Song King Record CD Mongolian folk music songs
Zygar/Reimann Klangraume Fonix Musik CD Gongs, sandawa & shakuhachi - powerful