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Music and Nature Sounds Labels Of Oasis

Get lost in the instrumental music and nature sounds from the various labels of Oasis. We are a Toronto area, Ontario, Canadian-based company that features several music labels. Our music labels, (Oasis • Mirage • Akasa • Deep Tracks), all have titles with original cover artwork and creative ground-breaking music for listeners seeking musically adventurous listening experiences. Our nature sounds label, Earthaven, features pristine, audiophile recordings of remote wilderness environments and wildlife sounds with gorgeous, photographic covers of natural landscapes. All titles are available on hi-fidelity CDs (compact discs) or as limited-edition CDRs. Downloads are available from the Apple iTunesTM store or our music can be streamed through Apple MusicTM 

Founded in 1986, first under the name Serenity Sound, our company has been a force in the music industry for over thirty-five years both in Canada and internationally. A leader in music distribution and record label development for many artists, Oasis Productions Limited remains focused on instrumental music and our reach spans all aspects of today’s music scene.  Our legacy can be explored through our rich and in-depth WIKI pages and by listening to The Music Well radio station.

From our original mission statement:

"A record company where unique and undiscovered music can flourish. A wellspring for new artists and listeners thirsting for a new sound."

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Stephen Bacchus bio pic

Born in 1959, Stephen Bacchus has many years of experience as a composer, sound designer, and producer. He has a large repertoire of best-selling and artistically adventurous albums that he has both authored and produced. Stephen Bacchus aka Grant Mackay began working in sound at age nine.

Always a musical adventurer, Bacchus has explored Classical, Jazz, Rock, World and Electronic Music. Besides the piano and synthesizer, he has played clarinet, bass clarinet, tenor saxophone, electric guitar and Mrdangam (South Indian Drum). He also has experience conducting small chamber ensembles. His many releases feature his synthesizer work, sounds of nature and both orchestral and world music instruments.

 Stephen Bacchus newest album, "The Memory Tap" is scheduled for release on 04/22/2021.

Seb D.T. SEB D.T.
SEB D.T. defines his creations as “sound paintings.” A landscape, a scene or an object are always the source of his composition. An image or a memory will inspire him an atmosphere and acoustic textures from where a musical work will emerge. During his childhood, his favorite game was to spend hours near the stereo, listening but mostly daydreaming and reorganizing the arrangements of the music he was hearing.

As a teenager, wanting to handle as many instruments as possible, he built his very own small home studio which became his main tool. In 1998, he improved his skills in one of the best audio schools in Canada, the Recording Art of Canada, in Montreal, and also did an internship at the renowned Studio Morin Heights. His musical versatility has never left him.

His classical guitar as well as his synthesizers and his rock distortion effects are all essential to achieve his “sound paintings.”

Listen Now

Album Cover Album Name Artist Track Name Listen Now Listen On Apple Music
Circadia Circadia Stephen Bacchus
Celtic Mysteries Celtic Mysteries (Apple iTunes Only) Calverley Elfland
Celtic Mysteries II Celtic Mysteries II 
(Apple iTunes Only)
Calverley Crowned With Ivy
Temple Of Singing Bowls Temple Of Singing Bowls
(Apple iTunes Only)
Calverley/Stephen Bacchus In The Beginning
Celtic Spirit

Celtic Spirit 
(Apple iTunes Only)

Anderson & Meis Scarborough Fair
The Gathering The Gathering (Apple iTunes Only) Bruce Mitchell Summer
Ancient Mysteries Ancient Mysteries Stephen Bacchus Challenge At The Ball Court
Celtic Destiny Celtic Destiny Bruce Mitchell Border Country
Wilderness Mysterium

Wilderness Mysterium

Stephen Bacchus Kipawa


Calverley O Joyous Day


Stephen Bacchus Pangaea
The Best Of Danna & Clement The Best Of Danna & Clement Danna & Clement Summerland
Celtic Sanctity Celtic Sanctity Bruce Mitchell Grand Oaks
Hinterland Hinterland Stephen Bacchus The Undiscovered Country
Hinterland Hinterland Stephen Bacchus The Undiscovered Country Spotify
Evening Snow Evening Snow Tani Senzan & Tanaka Yoko Children's Song Medley
Drifting…Deep Drifting…Deep Stephen Bacchus Twas The Night
Evening Sky: Music For Stargazing Evening Sky: Music For Stargazing Danna & Clement Stars & Spells
The Keep The Keep Stephen Bacchus Island Of Apples
The Wildlands The Wildlands Grant Mackay The Call Of The North
Beat Of The Old Bazar Beat Of The Old Bazar Marga Lovely Evening
The Myth Within The Myth Within Seb D.T. Pagan Meditation
Bardo Bardo Stephen Bacchus Ancestral Call
Starsong Starsong Rick Miller Skyrise
Interstellar Passage Interstellar Passage Rick Miller Valley Of The Kings
A Gradual Awakening A Gradual Awakening Danna & Clement Lydian Lights
Etherium: Music Meditations Etherium: Music Meditations Stephen Bacchus Sactum
Pointe Petre: A Birder's Paradise Pointe Petre: A Birder's Paradise Grant Mackay A.M. At The Charwell Road Marsh
Puzzle Lake Paradise Puzzle Lake Paradise Grant Mackay Birds, A Squirrel & A Loon
Frog Power Frog Power Grant Mackay Lac Miron Peepers
Lakeside Savannah Lakeside Savannah Grant Mackay Soft Shore
The Forest Marsh The Forest Marsh Grant Mackay Part l

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Still like to own a physical copy of your music? Below are just a few of the 100s of collectible CDs, CDrs and cassettes available for purchase through our online stores on Amazon, Discogs, Ebay, & Stephen Bacchus' Bandcamp website. Oasis is your trusted source for New Age music since 1986.

Album Cover Album Name Artist Album Description Format Buy It Now
seven waves SEVEN WAVES Suzanne Ciani The debut album by one of the New Age genre’s founding artists. Ciani was one of the first women to make a name for herself in the male-dominated Electronic music field of the 1960s, 70s and 80s. She quickly distinguished herself as a masterful sound designer by becoming a virtuoso on the rare and difficult-to-program Buchla synthesizer. This gentle suite of electronic tone poems on “Seven Waves” is a great introduction to her music. This rare Private Music label first edition CD is a must-have collectible for those wanting to add to their library of New Age or Electronic music. Near mint condition. BUY IT NOW!


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natural concentration SOLITUDES: Natural Concentration Dan Gibson Natural Concentration uses scientifically designed music and carefully selected nature sounds to help your brain operate at maximum efficiency. Developed under the guidance of Dr. Lee Bartel, an expert in cognitive and emotional response to music, this recording will help you achieve improved mental focus and get you functioning at your peak performance level! Near mint condition.


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Rider Thunder


The Native Flute Ensemble Native American flutes, ceremonial drums and synthesizers perform music inspired by North American wild horses and their role as a revered "spirit animal" in Native American mythology. Used - very good condition - collectible! Cassette Buy It Now
Salome CD SALOME Michael Uyttebroek The music invites you to effortlessly drift into it's gentle weaving melodies textured with soft pastel wisps of ethereal sonic flavors. The rich resonances of a nine foot concert grand piano blend together with a luscious array of atmospheric synthesizers to create a quiet meditative experience. New.


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Evening Sky CD EVENING SKY Stephen Bacchus & Others A wondrous collection of melodic and
ambient music for stargazing and other celestial arts. Sit back, look up and let the music transport you to the far reaches of the Evening Sky. 
CD Buy It Now
Rivers Gonna Rise cassette


Patrick O'Hearn Bass driven ambient original compositions. Used - very good condition. Cassette Buy It Now 
Time Vision CD


Micheal Uyttebroek A synergy of hand drums and percussion instruments from around the world combined with melodic synthesizer arrangements. New. CD Buy It Now
Maza Meza


Maza Meze Crossover world music featuring mrdangamist (Indian drum), Trichy Sankaran. Used - very good condition. CD Buy It Now
Prayer for The Wild Things CD PRAYER FOR THE WILD THINGS Paul Winter An Earth Music Celebration of the Northern Rockies. Near mint. CD Buy It Now
Miramar Collection MIRAMAR COLLECTION 1 Various Artists From Miramar, a pioneer in instrumental music, we present our very best, Miramar Collection: One. A wide variety of music, yet just a glimpse of the full spectrum that is Mirarmar. Twelve selections from nine artists and twelve different albums. All fresh, all imaginative, all uniquely Miramar. Used - very good condition. CD Buy It Now