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Live Music 24/7 from our Internet Radio Station, The Music Well

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The Music Well 


With a streaming playlist of over 8500 tracks, The Music Well is the largest continuously broadcast library of New Age, World, Ambient and Nature Sounds on the internet. Listen for over forty days without hearing a repeat!

On January 4, 2018, The Music Well began digitizing 1000s of unreleased tracks from our vaults in preparation for broadcast in the coming months. There are rare, unreleased tracks from analog tape sources by unknown and forgotten labels and artists. Listen regularly to hear this new and never-before-heard music exclusive to The Music Well! Only here can you hear thousands of musical tracks from over 800 albums for free on The Music Well. Hear music from our instrumental record labels, other labels and independent artists. 

Hear the latest new tracks before they get released. Download the "Tune in Radio" mobile app and search "Music Well" for live radio music. Hear rare, out-of-print recordings and unreleased recordings exclusive to The Music Well. Tune in and listen to music that you're sure to enjoy.

Artists and Labels

Receive royalties from airplay on The Music Well. Here's how:

Step 1
Check the current The Music Well playlist for your tracks played: The Music Well 02-2018 Playlist

Step 2

Post a link to our radio web page (Right Click and Copy Link) on your website or social media page and email us the URL to  info@oasisproductions.com

Step 3
Email info@oasisproductions.com  your PayPal email address to receive your monthly payments